Connecting through ObesityHelp Personal Messages

There are times when you may want to send someone a private message or question, or perhaps you are creating a deeper friendship and support system that is expanding beyond message board posts.  To help with that, you can connect with other members through ObesityHelp's personal message system.

Sending Messages

Profile / Blog: If the profile is public and they allow personal messages, you can send them directly through their profile. Right next to their avatar, click on the "Send Message" link.


Message Board Post: When you are interacting on the message board, you can also send personal messages.  Just hover over the person that you want to contact's avatar and their information card will display.  Then click on the "Send Message" link.


 Your Inbox

Click on "Messages" and then the "New Message" button when you are in your inbox.


When composing a new personal message, if the person is in your friend's list you will be able to put a check next to their name.  If they are not, click the link that says "Click here to send to a user not on this list."  You will need to know their username, or exact first and last name that they use in association with their ObesityHelp account in order for ObesityHelp's system to be able to search for them. After you have selected your who you are sending the message to, fill in a subject line and message and then you can send your message!


Your Preferences

If you want to receive notifications to your email address when you receive a new personal message and/or a new system notification, make sure to check the boxes under preferences and then click the "Save Preferences" button.


Not receiving your notification emails? Sometimes legitimate email that you want to receive might be wrongly marked as spam by your email provider.  We recommend checking your spam/junk folder to see if your notifications are there. If so, follow your provider's protocol for unmarking the message as spam, adding the email address to your contacts and setting up any filters that may help your notifications go directly to your inbox.

To Block, Mark as Spam or Abuse

 Advertising and Selling: Unsolicited advertising or other forms of solicitation, including but not limited to monetary donations for personal profit, are not allowed. Members who are affiliates/referrers for a company may not advertise or push a product or company. Members found to be receiving financial gain or kickbacks for this type of advertising may be removed for abuse of the system.  

If you are harassed or receive an unsolicited advertisement through the ObesityHelp private messaging system, you can mark the private message as Spam or Abuse.  This will notify Staff Administrators so that they can review the message and take appropriate actions.  You also have the option to add any user to your block list directly from a private message.


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