Connecting with Friends (Searching, Inviting, Adding)

ObesityHelp prides itself on being a support community. Through your membership you have the opportunity to connect with thousands of your peers to build your very own custom support team.  By connecting at a deeper level, you'll be able to better support each other and keep in touch over the years.  Maybe you'll even meet at an ObesityHelp Conference!

Friends, Go to My OH -> Friends


New to the Community? Find people!

You can search for people to add.  This can be done in multiple ways.  Perhaps you have recently met someone at your Surgeon's office or at a local Support Group and you remember their name and they said they were an ObesityHelp member.  Or maybe you want to connect with others on the site with a similar weight loss surgery starting point and procedures type as you.  Searching is a great way to begin connecting. Submit your search criteria and click "Submit", if the results show anyone that you are looking for you can then click [add as friend] to send them a friend request.

Example search scenario:  Surgery Type - Duodenal Switch, BMI - Over 50, Sex - Men.


Do you have a favorite supporter or someone that needs support?  Invite them!

You can invite your support system to join you!  Some of our OH members invite their spouse, best friend, co-worker, or a family member to come ask questions and get support.  We also have a Family and Friends Support message board that they might be interested in participating on. Or maybe you've met someone at a support group or your doctor's office that needs support, our community is always open to them.


Do you really enjoy someone's posts? Let them know and add them!

If you are enjoying their blog post, right next to their avatar there will be a grouping of icons.  The top one is "Add as a Friend"


Or maybe it is their message board posts, on the Message Board, hover over their avatar.  A new box will appear, click on "Add Friend".


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