Friday Speaker: Jo Diniz

Jo Diniz’s weight loss surgery journey began in 1999 with the decision that she would go on one last diet. She was determined to change her life with diet and exercise. However, should that diet fail, weight loss surgery would be considered. No surprise, the diet worked for a short time then weight began piling back on.

Constant knee and back pain and on the verge of needing to start blood pressure medication led Jo to the conclusion that her Obesity War needed to be attacked with more than dieting. After researching, Jo decided to have a Duodenal Switch.

At the age of 43, weighing around 275 with a BMI of 45, Jo had Duodenal Switch surgery on February 19, 2001. Since that day, Jo's life has transformed to a fuller, active, pain and medication free life. Jo’s story is one of getting unstuck from the obesity self-image, weight loss longevity and staying on track. Recently turning 60 years of age and maintaining a remarkably normal weight of 145 pounds, Jo's life is about adventure, exploration, and zip-lines!

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Workshop Session 2A: Friday 2:00pm – 2:50pm, International Ballroom III

A Journey of Weight Loss & Life Gains

During this session, Jo will discuss the importance of researching, deciding and choosing a surgery that is right for you. She will also share insights from her Duodenal Switch journey and how she turned the habit of saying no to life, into saying yes to life. Jo will also discuss the importance of staying connected to the weight loss surgery community for long-term success and health.