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Elisa *
on 5/10/07 7:38 am - I.V., CA
Hi all, been having trouble eating right lately. Can you guys please share with me what you eat in a day? Just to get an idea what I'm doing wrong here. I know it varies depending if exercise is involved or not but regardless I just want to know what you guys are doing. Also at what time do you eat breakfast and the time of your last meal or snack. Thanks! This is mine for today....don't doubt I'll have something else later, later tonight. Geez, I need @ 9:45am Ate half a sausage biscuit and hash brown @2:00pm Ate 3 inch ham & turkey sub sandwich on wheat I'll probably eat the other half for dinner...dunno. Thanks! Elisa
on 5/10/07 12:03 pm - somewhere, IL
I think this is a good questions, as I am still having trouble deciding if I eat too much or not enough. My weight loss has slowed to about five pds a month and I am really working hard for that. Walking and /or bicycleing everyday. And I seem so busy all the time. I have also noticed I seem to keep so busy that i can go for days untill I am completely wore out and then have to take something to help me relax or my muscles get so tense they go into spasms. Here goes for food... 1 boiled egg one cup salad with one oz grilled chicken with one tablespoon ranch dressing 1/2 salisbury steak 1.2 cup green beans And I will probable eat a fruit w some yogurt before I got to bed from some dairy and fruit. As soon as I go to the store this week I am going to start adding a carnation instant breakfast in the mornings again.
Elisa *
on 5/10/07 12:21 pm - I.V., CA
Thank you Marie for replying. So is that all you've eaten all day? You seem to be very active...haha I know I don't have any room to give advice here since I am having trouble...but do you think maybe you should be eating more? Just a thought? I know the last thing you want to do is add more calories. It just seems like you burn a lot with the walking and bicycling. I have a sedentary lifestyle so I know that I shouldn't be eating so much. I'm grazing...probably cause I'm just bored. Thanks again Marie...hugs Elisa
on 5/10/07 1:36 pm - somewhere, IL
I dont know anymore Elisa.. I try cutting back for a few days and then moving it back up to keep it mixed up. Yeah it is not many calories today. But yesterday i had almost 1500 so I guess today was a low one. I will try to get the protein up. I still do a shake every other day or so. but ran out of protein. And cant buy it around here so am waiting till I go to vincennes probable next week to get some. But will buy some carnation as soon as I go to the store, probabley tomorrow. Yes I find that the days I keep busy that I dont graze as much. hugs we are doing good even though it has slowed down., I understand your trouble though. I have been reading every nutrition and diet book I can find. I ordered the beck diet solution: thinking like a thin person and hope it helps...I am anxious to read it. hang in there and hugs..
Elisa *
on 5/10/07 2:16 pm - I.V., CA
I feel that way too I just don't know. But I remember reading, I think Terri R. (my surgery twin), said something about eating more if you are active...which you are. Do you still use fitday? Is that how you know your totals? Now the protein...I was under the impression that at this point we should be getting it from food not from shakes? I wonder if that is true or did I just pull that out of nowhere? Funny you mention protein husband told me today that maybe we ought to start drinking shakes again. I don't enjoy reading...except posts and short excerpts...if you read anything about how to control snacking...please let me know. Thanks! Elisa
on 5/11/07 12:12 am - somewhere, IL
I know there is so much conflicting information and the fact that what works for one person may not work for another that I get so confused. And one person will tell me that I am a active person and I had a friend tell me the other day that I wasnt that active. Well excuse she runs around alot more then me, but she just goes place to place and sits and talks to people or plays Bingo, auctions, and other stuff but it is sitting. I dont go to that kind of stuff much. But I am constantly working on the house, painting, yardwork, gardening, walking dogs, riding bigs, chasing after kids (even though mine and his are grown, seems as if I always have a grandkid, neice or newphew, or a function of some sort for them or my older teenage kids. ) And we have a huge house .But anyway We probable should be getting our protein from food, But I have days where I am so busy I dont get time to eat much threw the day so I still supplement with a shake on those days, Like yesterday. Or sometimes I just eat a can of tuna, which I did last night. oh and yes I use fitday and I have a notebook I put it in first all day long so I dont forget nothing. I miss a day now and then, but journal least in the notebook even if I dont get time to put it in fitday.. Yes I still do fitday and yesterday was not good in calories or protein. I didnt even get in 500 calories. But that is what I get so confused on. Some people tell me no more then 800. some say between 1200 and 1500 and I had someone tell me the other day that I should be getting in around 2000. I cant even imagine that and wont go there.. too scared. I have been a slow loser though and I am sure it is because I havent figured out what works for me. Sometimes I think I should do what I did before surgery one time and eat the food pyramid, although now I would have to eat all day to get it all day. I lost like 80 pds in three months on that diet. My metabolism was kicking fast. But I dont want to have to eat all day and obvioulsly that didnt work either cause I put it all back on. So I figure as long as I am losing ( even slow) and am keeping it a lifestyle change. Iit will work long term this time. Sorry got so long. Here is where some of the older long term people hang out. I thought you might find this post interesting.
Terri R. R
on 5/11/07 2:23 am - 'bout 45 minutes from San Francisco, CA
I may not be the correct person to be telling what I eat. I do exercise a lot. This is what I had to eat yesterday. Pre breakfast: 2 eas rtd protein drinks Breakfast: 200 g fresh strawberries and an ounce of protein cereal snack: protein bar & yogurt lunch: lunchable snack: protein bar & yogurt dinner: 2 baby back ribs, 3 oz french fries and 1/2 piece of garlic bread snack: eas drink followed by whole wheat tortilla w/peanut butter My surgeon has me eating more starches and fats to slow/stop the weight loss.
on 5/11/07 2:23 am - Harlingen, TX
Hi Elisa! I, too, have a hard time deciding if I am eating too much or not enough. Sometimes I think I have eated too much but in reality, I am not. I think because our pouch gets full quickly, we feel like we have eaten too much. Anyway, I am still loosing but only like 3-4 lbs a month now. I guess it's better than gaining. Anyway, here goes what I have eaten today or will eat today: 8:00 am - Egg & Chese sandwich (on sugar free whole wheat bread) 12:00 pm - Lunch - Fried Shrimp (probably I will eat about 3) and a small salad 3:00 pm - Afternoon Snack - Beef Jerkey 6:00 pm - Riblets (My husband is making riblets for dinner tonight) Bedtime Snack (I usually eat cantaloupe, watermelon or a fresh fruit smoothie) But I have to confess, my husband is making a Sugar Free Pineapple Upside Down Cake tonight so I may sneak a little piece of that for my snack tonight. Oh well, I don't do it often. I completely stay away from "real" sugar and have not had any real sugar for almost 2 years now. I stick to Splenda and No Sugar Added items in moderation. Hope this helps. And don't get down on yourself. We are doing just fine!
Elisa *
on 5/18/07 6:26 am - I.V., CA
Sugar Free Pineapple Upside down cake...sounds delicious. How was it? Wanna share the recipe? THanks for the reply...I think you eat pretty healthy still. Elisa
on 5/22/07 12:50 am - Harlingen, TX
Hi Elisa! Sorry took so long to reply. It was my b-day friday, May 18 so I had a very busy weekend. Anyway, sure, I can share my recipe. I was sooooo glad to find that Pillsbury now has cake mix boxes in Chocolate and Yellow made with Splenda! Yay! I had not had a piece of cake in about 2 years. That was what I missed the most. So that made this pineapple upside down cake even more delicious. So anyway, my husband used that yellow cake mix and bought some Dole pineapple tidbits in its own juices, the ones with no sugar added. Also, bought brown sugar splenda and used I can't believe its not butter butter. Melt some butter and spread it on the bottom of a 10X9X2 pan (one of those rectangular ones)...then you sprinkl the brown sugar splenda and dump the pineapples and spread them out. You can add cherries at this point too. Also, save the pineapple juice from the pineapples. Mix the cake mix as the directions say to and instead of the water it asks for, use the pineapple juice from the can of pineapples. Then just dump the cake mix in the pan and bake for 50 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. It is yummy! Let me know if you try it.
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