((( Rebecca O. )))

Elisa *
on 5/19/07 11:24 am - I.V., CA
Hi Rebecca, I sent you a private message about the 26th. Are you still going to be in Burbank? Let me know ok? Thanks! Elisa
on 5/19/07 11:57 am - Atlanta, GA
Hi Elisa, Yes, I am still coming. Do you still have my cell number to call me? I can't wait!!!! Rebecca
Elisa *
on 5/19/07 12:08 pm - I.V., CA
Yes, I think I do but I also wanted to know if you are going to make it to Long Beach? One of the girls from the Cali board wants to know who's coming to reserve a table at the restaurant we are all meeting at. Is it just going to be you? Thanks! Elisa
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