Hiccups Follow Up

on 7/1/07 4:50 am - Charlotte, NC
Hi - I wanted to let you know I found out the cause of the hiccups. There are many layers, but basically I have erosion in my pouch and stomal ulcers. These are very serious and will cause a lengthly recovery. I'm under good care. I some bowel issues too. Most of the cause of the ulcer is my own fault from using meds that I shouldn't have been for Migraines. I have a team of 3 dr's working with me and I have about 10 different rx's they sent me home with. IN the event I don't feel better in a few more days I have to go back and see the surgeon and they would consider going in again. Which ofcourse, they don't want to do at this point. It will take some time to heal. I"m very stressed out so I might need to get a med to help with that too. Good things are on the horizion though. I will post more when my med's wear off. Have a great weekend. Thanks for all the feedback. Also, don't wait when you don't feel well. I keep doing this and it just hurts myself more.
Terri R. R
on 7/2/07 1:12 am - 'bout 45 minutes from San Francisco, CA
I'm so sorry. (hugs)
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