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on 7/1/07 6:21 am - Bellevue, NE
Hi everyone, I've been off the board for a while now, life has been crazy..(I won't go into it). I just passed the 15 month point and have now lost 171 lbs. I'm one pound from my surgeons original guess of the weight I could reach, BUT I would like to lose a little bit more. I've gone from 394 down to 221, but I would really like to see that ONEderland again. By the way I'm 6'1. I also have a question, has any one else gone through this. I've had pain just below my right ribs, (the gall bladder is gone), for over a month now. They checked all the liver functions etc, then it got so I couldnt eat, then I couldnt keep liquids down. So they did a CT scan and said the loop that is made during the surgery is inflamed and fluid filled. So i was put in the hospital and a IV was put in they scoped me the next day and said yes, its inflamed but no ulcer. They sent me home with this chalky pink liquid and nexium. And a liquid diet. But i'm still having pain, and diarhea. Any thoughts? Cathy
Gi G.
on 7/1/07 1:53 pm
Glad to see you, Cathy. Sorry you are having weird troubles. Is following the meds not helping at all?? [IIRC Nexium can take a while to work well]. I don't have a clue, but my advise is to keep on top of it with your docs, second opinions and all that, until you have an answer that helps you. Best of luck. xosm
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