Hey Everyone, Guess What??!!

Elisa *
on 12/5/07 10:20 am - I.V., CA
I'm still losing...down to 164.4 almost into the 150s... yay! I had gained about 4#s during the thanksgiving week but then I went back to normal (168) and now I've lost. Weird... So, how about you all? Can you believe year 2 is coming up? Elisa
Tony Hackworth
on 12/8/07 4:57 pm - Prestonsburg, KY
Way to go Elisa! You've done so great since all us Feb 06's started. It really is hard to believe year 2 is coming up! Keep up the great job! This board is gonna die if we don't start posting more lol...but it's understandable with all our "new" lives we have, at least a few of us still check in sometimes Take care.
Elisa *
on 12/10/07 12:52 pm - I.V., CA
Thanks Tony!! I know...hardly anyone posts any more. Oh well... Elisa
Jen Halliday
on 12/9/07 7:39 am - Elmira, NY
Elisa, Congratulations on working your way there! You've done a terriffic job and you should be very proud. What am I saying? I know you are! keep up the great work. I know what you guys are saying with the 2 years coming up; it seems like it was just the other day! I mean, I've lost a lot of weight and people don't recognize me anymore, but it seems like I just had surgery. Time flies, eh? Let me tell 'ya, the not getting recognized by people I used to be good friends with really hurts. I mean, seriously, anyone else had this issue? I saw someone in the grocery store and we used to really laugh it up; be good friends. I haven't seen them in about a year and a half, pretty close to after my surgery date. I saw them and they could not remember me. They're like, "Nuh-uh! No way! You're Jen?! Naw!" They were so baffled. It hurt my feelings because I could see in their eyes they really had no clue who I was. Not a shred of recognition whatsoever! Wow. It struck deep. That must've been what George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) felt like when he "was never born" on It's A Wonderful Life! You know? Okay, sorry. Didn't mean to turn this about me. I apologize, Elisa. Have you every experienced that? I'll stop now. Jen Halliday
Elisa *
on 12/10/07 1:01 pm - I.V., CA
Thank you so much Jen! I actually don't mind when people, from high school for example, don't recognize me. Most of my friends, who I am good friends with, still recognize me. I guess my face is still looks the same to them? Have your facial features changed drastically? Perhaps it's harder to recognize you because you wear more make-up now? Or something... I just don't see why people wouldn't know it's you? Even my neighbor (she's an old lady) who I have not seen in years recognized me...well yea not at first...I did have to tell her who I was but I knew I would have to do that. I guess I just know I have to tell people who haven't seen me since my weightloss who I am. I don't mind it though. This is actually an interesting subject...I hope someone else can share their experience. So far, I don't mind it. Take care Jen Elisa
on 12/9/07 10:49 am - Pomona, CA
Congratulations I've lost 8lbs but I think that had to do with my plastic surgery but hey, I'll take the loss anyway I can get it I don't want to lose anymore weight, I'm just focusing on maintaining which is a job in itself. Great job Sylvia
Elisa *
on 12/10/07 1:02 pm - I.V., CA
Thank you Sylvia!! Girl, you are looking so, so, so hot! I saw your pics. Wow!! WTG. Elisa
on 12/11/07 4:47 am - Pomona, CA
thanks girl
on 12/11/07 6:46 am - Harlingen, TX
Congrats Elisa! That is so awesome! I can hardly believe it's almost 2 years since our surgery. We have all done so great! I had been stuck between 162-165 but I stepped on the scale the other day and low and behold it said 158. Yay! It's great to see we are still losing.
on 12/26/07 3:11 am - Anahuac, TX
Well I'm not losing but not really gaining either. Other than my usual "monthly gain". It's really hard for me not to step on the scale and panic a little. I've never lost the 5lbs I gained after my TT so I'm just floating around 135-140. I don't really want to lose anymore but I DO NOT want to gain. Glad to hear everyone is doing so good!
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