Coming up on year TWO!!

Elisa *
on 1/27/08 4:26 am - I.V., CA
Wow guys can you believe that!? Two years since surgery. You might be wondering why I am surprised about's just that I have never maintained weightloss for this long! I am so happy and excited. How are you all doing?
on 1/28/08 3:40 am - Bellevue, NE
I will be two years on Feb. 27 I am maintaining a 180 lb loss. I would like to lose just about 10 more pounds, but right now does not seem to be possible. I had my tummy tuck done on Nov. 28 and wound up in the hospital right after Christmas with an infection. I have a hole that is not healing very quickly and so have been wearing a wound pump for the last two weeks. It has healed some but it seems it will be awhile till it heals totally. Man do I miss my hot bath's. lol I have not been excercising due to tiredness and pain. On the good side, after the surgery but before all the swelling started, I bought a comfortable fitting size 10 skirt. I came from size 32-34W so I can't complain. I still have the problems with the breasts getting infections underneath and bleeding, but our insurance says it is still a cosmetic surgery to get them lifted, so that is not going to be fixed, ( unless I hit the lottery!) Hope everyone else is doing well too on maintaining, I will say it has gotten harder though. I seem to be able to eat more at a setting, and I'm fighting the urge to snack almost every afternoon. Cathy
Elisa *
on 1/28/08 5:58 am - I.V., CA
Cathy I hope you are feeling better and get healed up soon. Congrats on the size 10!! That's so wonderful. I'm down to 14/12 but to be honest the 14s are fitting real I'm gonna say I'm a 12. I know what you mean about being able to eat more and fight the urge to snack. I am right there with you. I have my coffee daily but everytime they ask me if I would like a pastry to go with it, I really have to force myself to say no. Before I never really thought about I really have to fight to say "no thank you". LOL Throughout the day I try, real hard, to stay away from foods that are bad for me. I try to snack on fruits and stuff that's not so bad for me. Sometimes I just wish I was back at the beginning of it all...where I would find soup satisfying.
on 1/29/08 4:37 am - Anahuac, TX
Wow.. I know.. I'll be 2 yrs. on Feb. 14th. OMG.. what a shock to the system. I've managed to do very well and down to a size 4/6 depending on the maker and item. I had my TT 6 months ago and loving it. I wish i could afford the boobs. I can live with the rest... legs and arms... Snacking is a problem for me too. I cna't lay off the chips and chocolate. I try to be good about the amount.. but really.. It is chips and chocolate... Congrats to everyone on the great job! and together we can keep it up!
on 1/30/08 2:40 pm - Atlanta, GA
Hi Elisa, Yes TWO years! Wow! My surgery date was 2-9-06. I'm doing well, and my friend Alisa who is 3 mos. post op has lost 55 lbs., and is doing great. So have you heard from grouchetta? What about sexysyl? I couldn't be happier with my life. Things are going well. It is great to see you are still posting. How's you husband? lots of hugs, Rebecca
on 1/30/08 2:45 pm - Spring Lake , NC
It has been an amazing journey! I stay between 123-125 and am in a 4/6. I need a little work, but can live with the way I am. I started at 250 in a 24/26 and have lost half my total weight. Sometimes I still can't believe it is me staring back in the mirror. My life is so much better, or should I say "quality of life". I really enjoy doing all of the things I couldn't do before due to the weight. Snacking is sometimes a problem, I just make sure there are good snacks that are filling but not fattening. I still have trouble getting in enough food during the day to keep my protein consumption up. I don't want to stretch my pouch so I just kinda graze. It seems to work for me.
on 2/24/08 11:51 am - elmwood park, NJ
WOW, everyone here is doing great, EXCEPT ME. I had surgery 2 years this month and only lost 40 and put almost 10 back. I was doing good for about a year, then everything slowed down. In the summer when I went on vacation, i had some fluid removed, I went back to dr. and had some of it put back but it is not back to where it was since i had it removed. I just can't get motivated and I eat ALL THE WRONG THINGS. I haven't exercised much either. please can you all give me some support and help me get back on trackkkkkk. I know I have to go and get tightened, but I am going on our 25 anniversary the end of March on a crusie. I know I have to get tightened, but I think I wil wait till i get back, but in the meantime, I have to get focused.... I do get stuck on things I do eat, but the majority of the time, is that I am eating the wrong things. I just wish I could just eat jello and soup for awhile to get back on track. I'll take any sugguestions that you guys can give. Your all seem like you did great. Please get back to me, thanks, Antointte
Tony Hackworth
on 2/5/08 5:18 am - Prestonsburg, KY
Hey Elisa! Yes time sure does fly by. I can remember it all like it was yesterday. I've let myself slip kinda bad...I've gained about 40 pounds and it sucks, But I know what to do to get the weight off, I just need to get motivated and do it. Keep up the good work, You look great. Take care
on 2/10/08 10:34 am - Charlotte, NC
2 years on the 22nd. I had a ROUGH Journey starting at 10months post op. I have ULCERS and it's not pretty. I moved to the coast of Nc and cannot find a baratric dr to take me on. This represents alot of stress for me. I''ll check in on the 22nd.
Jen Halliday
on 2/13/08 12:23 am - Elmira, NY
HEY ELISA! It's so good to hear from you! Well, it's good to be here, period. I have to say, I haven't been back here as much as I want to. And for that I'm sorry. I know you all know what I mean: busy lives, busy social lives, active active active! Things are going very well for me. Like Jen T., I will be 2 years out on the 22nd. I got down to an all-time low (post-op) of 158 # and then I gained 20 #, and now I'm kinda maintaining at 170, give or take a few pounds. Mostly give, though. I got pretty worried seeing the scale creep back up; not so much after 10 pounds, but after the holidays, it was up 8 more. My nutritionist and social worker for the bariatric program both say that it's nothing to worry about, that up to 25 pound gain is "normal." I've examined what I eat and there are a few things that I've added that could account for a slight weight gain. We'll see. I have, actually, started weight training to shrink my batwings, and guess what. It's working. As a result, I'm building muscle, and muscle, as you may know, weighs more than fat. So, that could be the answer. I'm not too worried. Let's see, what else. Oh! I had a piece of chocolate raspberry cake with dark chocolate ganache for the holiday party for my company. It made me dump. I mean, seriously, what the JUNK was I thinking?!! I confessed my sin to the support group at the hospital. They were very forgiving. But seriously, yeah, things are good. I'm happy where I'm at. Sure, I'd like to lose the weight I gained, and I will, but I'm happy being active the way I am. I just got done eating papaya for my snack. I eat five to six times a day. Small things. For example, for my breakfast eggs and toast. The toast was sprouted grain bread (Ezekiel 4:9 Low Sodium bread), well toasted. My snack was 7 ounces of papaya (yes, I'm a nerd and weigh & measure my food! Okay? Back off! ) and an ounce of turkey. Well, the turkey first, so I could get my protein first and good carb second. For lunch, I'm looking to have soup, but we'll see. I gotta tell 'ya, I LOVE HOW I EAT NOW! I mean, there's still such a whole creative pallet of food out there! Creations and having fun with food, it's just what I do. So, I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I hope everyone's doing just as well! Jen Halliday
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