Coming up on year TWO!!

on 2/15/08 10:07 am - Charlotte, NC
My anniversary is next friday. I was stuck in the 170/high 160 range, then I got sic and through the summer and my stressful move I lost 30lbs. So, if you wanna loose get an ulcer. I've lost 7 more since Noveember. My ulcers are bad again, so I predict that I"m not eating enough and will loose a few. I really feel like my pouch is in control, all the time. I do feel sick somedays too which is weird, but you learn to live with it. I will check in next Friday. I never thought I'd see 150 and I drove right past the 150's and down into the 140's. I neber thought i'd be 5 lbs withint meeting a weight goal. I still wear bigger more compfy tops. I wear 6-8 an have no booty! I feel like my body is deflated.
on 2/14/08 7:58 pm - White Plains, NY
Hi, I haven't posted in a long time, but, I do check the board almost everyday. It will be two years for me tomorrow, 2/16. I have maintained my weight between 108-112 from a high of 240. I can't believe how much healthier I feel. I've been wearing a size 4 and sometimes a 2 down from a size 24W. I hope everyone stays well and we all continue to make this a positive life change. Stay well, Angela K.
Elisa *
on 2/26/08 8:33 am - I.V., CA
It's been really interesting to read what everyone is up to. Thanks for stopping in and sharing your journey. It hasn't been easy for us and now we gotta keep up the amazing weightloss. We can do it! Elisa
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