Is anyone else having trouble mainting weightloss

on 11/12/09 4:50 am - Bellevue, NE
I'll be 4 yrs in Feb.  I went from 394 on surgery day down to 203 then balanced out at 220 (I"m 6'1 ) and female.  I was doing great then I had some ortho surgery got in the habit of snacking on starches when I took pain pills and now i'm at almost 250.  And I've turned into a farm animal, I graze constantly.  I know I need to get back to basics, and 3 meals a day.  I'm a stress eater and school has been very trying this quarter I had swine flu, then a parade of add ons and i'm behind and this is the last week.  HELP!!!!!
on 11/30/09 2:46 am - AR
Wow, sounds like you've been on a rollercoaster of events that would make most of us turn to our old friend!  I'm sorry about all the stress.  I'm a stress eater too and even worse (in my opinion) a stress shopper!  I DON'T have the money to shop so I drink and eat. 

I don't know if this will help you, but what I do is I track every thing that goes into my mouth on (or or any of them will work) and I only drink water.  After a few days, I can see where my weakest points are and find a way to fill those voids - like reading or painting or something that will keep my hands busy. 

You are worth it and you can get back on the right track.  Don't give up!
on 12/2/09 5:57 am - Bellevue, NE
Thanks for the answer,  I have tried then I get frustrated with it. lol lately my frustration level is just way too low.  I'm taking classes and find my self snacking while doing homework.  also i'm having a hard time keeping down meat, especially if I eat bread or other starches with it.  How are you doing at maintaining and how far out are you.  Tell me about your self.
My other question has to do with being tired alllllll the time, they say my blood work is good, yet I sleep all the time and i'm tired all the time.  Any ideas.
on 12/14/09 10:28 am - Hamilton, NJ
I am in the same boat.  I have not posted in a long time, but i totally understand where u are coming from I have gained almost all my weight back.  I am so embarressed and disgusted i dont know where to turn.  I wish you the best of luck
on 12/21/09 5:05 am - Bellevue, NE
I refuse to give up, and you shouldn't either.  I'm just trying to watch what I eat and try not to snack through the Christmas, then I plan to go back on Liquids and shrink my stomach back down.  My doc says it works, so what have i got to lose but the weight again.  Luckly I only have about 30-40 lbs to lose, but i'm gonna do it 5 lbs at a time.I also hope to get back to excercising.  I have 2 artifical knees and the older of the two is starting to act unstable so I'm gonna try water aerobics.  Have a nice holiday and lets try to help each other get back to where we were.
on 2/24/16 11:34 pm

I am ten years out, had RNY, never got anywhere near my goal.  I did lose more than the dr predicted but now I am packing pounds on again!!!  I am going to see a Bariatric surgeon to see what he says.  I think the stoma in my pouch stretched. 

Beam me up Scottie
on 1/8/10 12:22 pm
DS on 02/17/06 with
I had the DS and have not had any trouble maintaining. If you go on the grads forum (on OH) you will find lots of RNYers/lap banders in the same boat. It's nothing to be ashamed's a surgery failure, not an individual failure. But having the support of others in the same boat might help.
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