I'm out of control

on 4/3/11 11:34 am - Clarkston, MI
It's been 5 years. I went from 270 to 150. Life was great. I was feeling better about myself. The last few years have been rough ....out of work, hysterectomy, and many personal problems. I've hit 200 again and cannot express what a failure I feel like. I can't walk or exercise much because my right hip needs to be replaced some day. Probably from all that weight I was carrying during my obese years.
Anyone else struggling?
Vanessa P.
on 8/25/11 6:41 am - Colchester, CT
Lap Band on 02/03/06 with
Yes, I got down to about 165, then had a baby, I'm up to 211 right now. I'm just not feeling motivated though. I exercised a few times over the past few weeks but have been very stressed. I feel your pain!
on 6/1/13 3:02 pm - Portage, IN

Hi Maryjo, I am on for same concern.  I went from 324 to 135 with RNY surgery in March 2006.  I stayed 135 until 2008 when I got pregnant.  I went up to 150 but, I lost that baby.  I got pregnant in 2009 again at 150 and I had a successful pregnancy. I gained exactly 60 lbs.  My son is now 3 but, I have not been able to lose anything than water weight 210-200.  I have tried everything to no avail.  Did you find anything to help you?  I would have a revision or band to lose again.

on 2/20/16 11:59 pm

yes, very much so.  I am ten years out and gaining.  I feel like a failure big time.

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