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on 1/18/06 2:14 am - pittsburgh, PA
My surgery is scheduled for Feb. 03, 2006, and i'm freaking out. some days i'm excited and other days i don't want to go thru it. i'm guess everyone goes thru this. (i guess i have to much time to think about it)
on 1/18/06 12:09 pm - gresham, OR
My date is 2-1-06. I know what you mean about being excited. My worst fear is having to take crushed pills after surgery. Of all the things to worry about, that seems really minor to most. I know that the surgery is going to give me the ability to play on the floor with my grandaughter, who is the light of my life....also, I'm expecting a second grandchild on the 14th of Feb, so healing will be important! Hang in there...I'll include you in my prayers. Sue
on 1/18/06 3:52 pm - Gastonia, NC
Hi Erin, Congrats on your surgery date, mine is on Feb 7th. I have a hard time waiting. I'm ready now. I start my liquids this weekend, so we'll see how that goes. Good luck on your surgery and speedy recovery to you. Take Care, Sandi
on 1/19/06 1:50 pm - North Dallas, TX
I feel like you do. We have the same surgery date! Take care, Tweety
on 1/19/06 9:45 pm - pittsburgh, PA
I'm greatful my doctor doesn't a require any pre-surgery diet. just the day before the surgery i'm to eat lightly.
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