Surgery date Feb 1

linda S
on 1/18/06 11:58 am - sparks, NV
Hi Everyone, My date is Feb 1 and I am really nervous this will be my second time. I was banded in July 2005 and had to have it removed after a week due to gall bladder issues and a wrong diag that the band had caused a perferation in my stomach. The band surgery was easy but the rest was awful. I was off work for a month. I know it is not going to happen again but..... can't get it off my mind. Has any one out there had surgery twice?
Elisa *
on 1/22/06 8:20 am - I.V., CA
Hi Linda, Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! This will be my first surgery and I am having gbs. Good luck to you and I wish you nothing but the best this 2nd time around. ((hugs)) Elisa
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