on 1/18/06 12:54 pm - Woodland, PA
After years of trying to get the ball rolling and get tests done...And the unexpected death of my 47 year old mother(Broke my heart) in June of 2006... I am so happy I FINALLY HAVE A DATE!!! So I am happy to join all you February babies! I wish you all the best of luck and the most uneventful surgery's of all time....GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Any comments are greatly appreciated...anyone else in Pitts, PA? Magees Womens Hospital? WAITING PATIENTLY(hahaha) to hear....Bye Bye for now!
on 1/19/06 9:56 pm - pittsburgh, PA
Holly crap my surgery is on the 3rd and i'll be at Magee Woman's Hosptial. we can walk the halls together . wow what a small world. where in pittsburgh are you. I don't know how Magee is for wls, but i had both of my kids there and they were wonderful!! Who is your sergeon.?
on 1/19/06 9:58 pm - pittsburgh, PA
I forgot to say sorry to hear about your mother.
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