I am a February 1st Loser

on 1/20/06 1:47 am - Philadelphia, PA
I am new to this board. However, my surgery date is February 1st, and these 11 days are taking extremely long. I think once Monday hit, it will go fast from there. I can't wait. I'm so excited. A little nervous though because of all times, I want to get sick with a stomach virus. Anyway, i am very excited. I can't wait. My sister has really gotten me excited. She will be 5 months post-op on February 1st, and we just found out she's pregnant (yes I know, a bit soon), but we are excited for her too. She like myself has PCOS, and tried getting pregnant several times before (3 years trying), to no avail. Now that she has lost the weight, BAM.....just like that. That leaves me a plenty of hope. This is one of my main reasons for me having the surgery, the infertility issue. Well Good luck to everyone, and i'll keep you in my prayers as me in yours.
on 1/20/06 9:15 am - gresham, OR
I am also a February 1st loser! Congratulations on the new little one. My daughter is expecting her first on the 14th of Feb. Her husband had a vasectomy reversal (this is his 2nd marriage) and after 14 years the statistics were not in our favor. However, it took my daughter only 3 months after her husbands surgery to get pregnant, and we are thrilled. She has raised his children they are both in high school and now she will have one of her own. I will add you to my prayer list. Sue
Jessi P.
on 1/22/06 1:18 am - Evansville, IN
Congrats on your date!! It won't be long and you will be a loser!!! How wonderful for your sister!!! A new lease on life and a little one on the way. Doesn't get much better than that! I wish you the best and pray for an uneventful surgery and recovery! ((((HUGS)))) Jessi
on 1/23/06 11:50 am - Philadelphia, PA
Hi, This is my 1st time on here as well, and my date is too February 1st, 2006; I wish you much success and good luck with being a new mommy in the near future. My prayers go out to you and you with me as well. Keep in touch, Phillis Jackson
on 1/23/06 3:55 pm - Dallas, TX
CONGRATS MY REBIRTH IS FEB 1ST AS WELL I can't wait until that day....I am going crazy but I know everything will be alright. I wish you much success in the future and work your tool. Be careful not to get pregnant too fast though. You are in my prayers! 4EVA
on 1/24/06 9:32 am - Philadelphia, PA
Thank you all for your response. I will keep you all in my prayers. Good Luck and God Bless You aaaaaaaaalllllllllllll........I can't wait. I hope you all keep in touch after the surgery and let me know of your success. I hope you all have an uneventful surgery. Keep me posted.
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