My date is Feb. 6th

on 1/21/06 5:08 am - Carlisle, PA
I'm currently 335 pounds and I'm ready for this to happen. I've have been waiting for this for over a year. I can't believe it is almost here. One worry I have yet is that I'm still waiting for insurance approval. They have told it that it should not be an issue. I'm still would like the call that they have the approval.
on 1/21/06 5:10 am - Lapeer, MI
I am also scheduled to go in on Feb 6th at Hurley in Flint. I am so ready. Good luck! Tiffany
Jessi P.
on 1/22/06 1:26 am - Evansville, IN
Congrats on your date! Keep us posted on your status! I sure hope you get approval soon, that has to be stressfull!!!! Best of luck to you! Have an uneventful surgery and recovery! ((((HUGS)))) Jessi
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