Anybody for Feb 15th

gail h
on 1/21/06 7:16 am - Calhoun, GA
Anybody getting banded on feb 15th?
on 1/21/06 1:04 pm - Garden Grove, CA
RNY lap, I am having mine on 2-15. Where are you having yours at Linda H. I am having my at UCS w/Dr Katkouda.
gail h
on 1/22/06 2:09 am - Calhoun, GA
Hamilton Memorial in Dalton GA, I love my DR , I'm really excited can't wait but I know I'll be getting scared the closer it gets!!!
on 1/24/06 8:41 am - IL
Hello! I'm also having surgery Feb.15, though I'm having the Roux-n-y. How is everyone doing? Excited, nervous? Both??? I am. Dina
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