Valentine's Day - my surgery date

on 1/21/06 7:59 am - MI
Happy Valentines Day to me... this is when I continue on my journey of healthy living. My surgeon requires weight loss prior to surgery (minimum of 10lbs prior to last pre-op appointment), and then - a two week liquid fast. I am already down 30 pounds. And from what I understand I could lose 15-25 pounds during the liquid fast (just a couple of protein shakes a day). And then my new lifestyle after RNY on Valentines Day. So - do I eat a piece of my favorite Godiva Dark Chocolate before I start my fast on January 31st? I have been really impressed with myself that I have not given into my sweet tooth in many weeks. Very difficult initially, but now I don't miss it. I also have given up in the past 12 weeks caffeine, diet Pepsi, alcohol, and all carbonated beverages. My goal? My gentleman and I are traveling to Europe in May - I hope I am down 100lbs from my Christmas weight by then. Wish me well! This trip will only be about three months post-op, but has been cleared by the doctors office, of course depending on the outcome of the surgery. Best wishes to all on your life journey.
Jessi P.
on 1/22/06 1:30 am - Evansville, IN
Congratulations!!! Your surgeon has alot of the same requirements as mine. I start my 2 week Optifast liquid diet the day of your surgery!!! You have been doing great! Sound like you will do well after surgery! Keep us posted. May you have an uneventful surgery and recovery. ((((HUGS)))) Jessi
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