My Big day is 20 Feb!

on 1/22/06 12:01 pm - Valdosta, GA
What can I say...I'm speechless but excited
on 1/23/06 10:39 am - gresham, OR
Congratulations and I know the feeling! My date is 2-1-06. Best wishes. Sue
on 1/27/06 1:28 pm - Valdosta, GA
Sue, My prayers are with, just think you are days away from being on the losing side. You Go Girl....I'm not far behind you. Brenda
Pat W.
on 1/23/06 11:32 am - Gales Ferry, CT
RNY on 02/06/06 with
Hi Brenda! CONGRATULATIONS! LOL! I can't stop talking about it...I'm so excited. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you will have an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery. Hugs to you! -Pat W.
on 1/27/06 1:51 am - DE
Hey brenda, just want to say congrats and good luk. my surgery is on the same day (feb 20) which also happens to be my birth day.Hope everything works out for you,Jeff R.
on 1/27/06 1:35 pm - Valdosta, GA
Jeff Congrats and Happy Birthday! Are you as excited as I am. I actually start my protein drinks today. I have'nt been waitng that long for the surgery but time seem like it is going so slow....I'm sure everthing will go just fine for both of us...keep in touch Brenda
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