My New life begins Feb 17th 2006

Grace S.
on 1/24/06 12:21 pm - Los Angeles, CA
Yes, The date is here! I am so happy but at the same time worried too. Well, my prayers and blessing go out to all that will share this experience with me as well as the one that will encounter this new life too.
on 1/25/06 4:17 am - Harlingen, TX
Hi Grace! My date is Feb 17 too. Lots of luck to both of us. I am not nervous yet but I am sure as the day gets near I will feel more and more anxious. I pray that God watches over us as we begin our new life. Loretta
on 1/27/06 11:59 am - Severn, MD
Hey Grace, my date is Feb. 16, so we can pray for each other. I'm looking forward to having more energy and being able to do more activities than I have in some years. Commit your ways to the Lord and your plans will succeed!
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