on 1/24/06 2:05 pm - Woodland, PA
Still so very excited! Counting down the days as I'm sure we are doing. CONGRATS and good luck to us all! Feb 2nd,2006 Pittsburgh Pa..Magees Womens Hospital.....Anyone else???? Dr. Raftopoulos..anyone else on that too? *8 DAYS AND COUNTING*
Elisa *
on 1/24/06 4:02 pm - I.V., CA
Congrats Jennifer, your day is coming up soooo fast!!! I wish you nothing but the best through this journey! I sure am counting the days for my big day as well. It so good to know there are many others having surgery in Feb. Hopefully we can all stay in touch and share our experiences and give each other the support and encouragement needed. ((Hugs)) Elisa
on 1/25/06 12:57 pm - Woodland, PA
Elisa CONGRATS TO YOU ALSO!!! Yes please keep in touch I am anxious to hear how everyone has done. an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery to all....Lots of prayers for everyone! *HUGGS* Jenn
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