on 1/27/06 4:29 am - Brooklyn, NY
I being driven nuts - 12 more days to go - I'm so Excited - What about you?
on 1/27/06 10:27 am - Huntsville, AL
I have 9 days to go...I go from excited to nervous to excited again every 10 minutes. I can't wait to be on the losing side. Meanwhile I am trying not to eat everything in sight.....
Claire S.
on 1/27/06 11:23 pm - Baltimore County, MD
I am in the same boat with you guys. My surgery is the 8th and I too am going nuts. I am trying to not let myself be too nervous. I can't help but think about the bad things that can happen from getting canceled due to a cold, stomach virus, etc to not waking up after anesthesia or the surgeon slipping. I know this is crazy but what can I do about it? Good luck to you all.
Tonya M.
on 1/28/06 8:58 am - Greenville, SC
I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited I can hardly stand myself...How wonderful for us Feb. newborns ...a 2nd chance to live. Hugs from SC, Tonya
(deactivated member)
on 1/31/06 11:08 pm - Memphis by way of Boston!, TN
I still have 20 days to go and I too am going nutssss!!! I am making hubby and kids nutssssss cause I am aa jumble of nerves and energy and then BAM next minute Im a crying wreck! I just wanna go into surgery NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess technically I am at 19 days and a wake up!!! LOL that just makes it sound that much sooner!!!! Hang in there and soon it will be here. We should get an advent calendar like little kids have a t Christmas to help them stay patient during countdown!!
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