Hospital stay for RNY

Sondra J. S.
on 1/27/06 2:22 pm - Show Low, AZ
Hi February "Losers" said fondly of course I am curious to know how long was your stay in the hospital, I am trying to get an average hosptial stay as I need to know how many days I need to get in the hotel for my mom, sister, and fiance at the hotel in Flagstaff for them while I'm in the hosptial. An approximate number of days is fine. Just something to let tme know. I called the surgeons office and one person told me that they wasn't sure but they thought 2 days. Please tell me, as in Barring no complications, and with minor complications.... Thank you soooooooooo much!!!! Sondra Surgery Date set for February 23rd 2006
Jessi P.
on 1/28/06 9:44 am - Evansville, IN
My Doc has his lap RNY patients in for 2 days as long as there are no complications. Hope that helps. Jessi
Linda Kay
on 1/28/06 9:29 pm - Mooresville, IN
Plan on 2 nights.. Good Luck!!! Your journey is just beginning!! WHAT RIDE!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat!! Linda
on 1/29/06 5:38 am - salem, OR
Greetings, Congratulations on a date. All docs are different but 4 people at my work had an RNY within a month of each other (we started the process together) and we all stayed 2 days. We all went in in Tuesday and went home Thursday afternoon. It goes quick since the first day your pretty much in surgery and sleeping and the next day just getting back to normal. You will sleep so much. I felt bad for my visitors. I am long winded and found I could not keep up with conversations. (They probably loved it) Best of luck you will be in my prayers. Kristie
on 1/29/06 8:15 am - Dallas, TX
Now my doctor said 1 or 2 days. When I went to pre-register she told me about 2 days. So I guess it depends on how you react after surgery. However, I met another one of his patients and she went home the next day. She had the laparoscopic RNY, that's the one I'm having. 3 more days at this time, I will be a loser! I am nervous but excited at the same time! 4EVA
Sondra J. S.
on 1/29/06 9:58 am - Show Low, AZ
Hi everyone, Thank you soo much for helping me to understand the hospital time. This helps me tremendosuly(spelling? lol) Congratulations to all of you with your surgeries coming up so soon. I had 2 ulterior motives in wanting my surgery in February, Not only is my nieces 2 year birthday on Feb 11th, but what would have been my 11th wedding anniversary to a a**ho** would have been February 10th and the 1 year anniversary of my divorce becoming final will be February 28th, a lot of February's I know, lol....Sooo, I want to start anew, which I have already dumping the moron almos 2 years ago and get on with my new healthier life and learn to live life to the fullest as a new, healthier, livelier, more vibriant me!!!! Thank You all of you!!!! Sondra Surgery scheduled for February 23rd 2006
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