on 9/28/08 2:26 am - Daphne, AL
I had my surgery on 2/21/08 so I am a little over 7 months out and I have lost 90 lbs so far.  I am very pleased with my loss.  It's coming off slower, but at least it's still coming off.  2-3 lbs here and there.  It adds  up.  And at least the number is going DOWN! not up like it used to.  I am now wearing (comfortably) a size 14 and hoping to be in a 12 by Thanksgiving.  I love shopping now whereas I used to hate it.  Nothing fit right, nor did I look good in it.  I have more energy and stamina.  No more ankle and knee pains.

How's everyone else doing?

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on 9/30/08 1:47 pm - Panama City, FL
well girly I'm doing great I'm 61/2 months preggers now and I'm 127lbs down.....so that means I'm 293 lbs but I'm doing great glad to see you're doing good too!!
Michelle P.
on 10/3/08 1:11 am - Glens Falls, NY
I am pleased with everything also - I have lost 123 since beginning this journey - 30 on the pre-op diet and 93 since the surgery.   It seems to be slow now but I know I am doing what I am supposed to, but have my moments - who doesn't I guess.   I have gone from a 3x top to a ladies large or Xl depending on the style.   Pants are now a 16 from 26/28 so its all good! 

My labs came back great and best of all no more diabetes - woohoo

Where has the time gone since February?


on 10/3/08 3:21 am - Daphne, AL
I have an update to my update!  I went shopping today and now I can fit comfortably into a size 12!  YAY ME!  So now I am down from a 22W to a 12!  I still wear Large tops though.  Haven't moved into Mediums yet. 

I figured I would more lose weight in my breasts than I have.  Before I gained all this weight starting in my early 30's, I was a B cup and now I am down from a DD to a D.  I just thought I would lose more up there.

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