what is everyone eating typically 8months out???

on 10/12/08 8:43 am - PA
Im just checking to make sure im where i need to be on my meals. I was wondering what everyone is eating typically during the day???
Michelle A.
on 10/23/08 4:28 am - Lincoln, CA
My typical day varies, of course but here are some choices I make for a variety of meals.  I would love to see what everyone else is doing as far as food choices

Breakfast: Spinach Feta Wrap from Starbucks (250 cal), or Go Lean Kashi hot cereal (150 calories), or Atkins breakfast bar (160 calories)

Mid-morning: Decaf Coffee (my new friend)

Lunch: homemade salad spring rolls (spring roll wrapper, cooked chicken, shredded carrots and lettuce) with Mae Ploy Sweet chili sauce (70 calories for 2 tbsp) or spaghetti squash with marianar sauce and romano cheese or baja fresh sald with salsa for dressing (around 350 calories)

Snack: Frozen grapes or nonfat/sugar free frozen yogurt on a cake cone (150 calories) or soy crisps

Dinner:  depends on what I had during the day.  If I am already to 900 calories then I skip dinner and just have coffee.  If I am less than that I usually will have some protein like meat and a little bit of cheese or cottage cheese

I try to keep my calories under 1100 per day but, for me, it has been hard.  If I don't count everything I can easily get up to 1200 calories.

NOTE: I try REALLY hard not to go out to dinner.  I find that you just don't have enough control over what you are eating and I feel guilty after going out.
on 10/24/08 4:47 am - Portsmouth, NH
I would love to hear where everyone else is at too!!

Here is a typical day for me.

B- protein shake or Latte (somewhere in the 100-200 calorie range)

L - Salad with chicken and cheese, some sort of left over from the night before.. around 250 cals

D - Chicken chili / Beef stew /  Grilled cheese with WW bread / Somewhere in the 300 calorie range

S - FRUIT!   Love my fruit... Oranges or grapes mostly.  50% fat cheese, 100 calorie bag of popcorn, Nuts,  (lately I have been bad and dipping into the halloween candy... that needs to stop!!)  Snack is usually in the 100-200 cal range.

My goal is to be under 1100 cals for the day, If i go over i compensate on the treadmill or the eliptical.  Im about 11lbs to my "new" goal Im hoping to reach by december but we shall see.

Start 260/ Surgery 249/ Goal 140/ Current 135       5.8"

on 11/8/08 3:56 am - Irwin, PA
I like reading what everyone else eats too, gives me ideas so I don't get bored.

Breakfast- usually two string cheeses and maybe some granola

snack- usually protein bar or nuts

Lunch- what ever i can find. usually some type of chicken salad, egg salad with crackers. I do also eat soups freguently

snack- another protein bar or nuts

dinner- Wendi chili is a fav, i will get somesort of meat and veggie.

in the evening I like my sugar free hot choc with a few marshmellows

I too have been dipping into not so good stuff and my weight loss has stalled. I had my stomach fixed but I still have to keep working on the brain.


on 11/8/08 9:48 am - PA
ok I have a hard time with breakfast and snacks.
on 11/9/08 8:28 am - Portsmouth, NH
I start almost every morning with a Protein shake and coffee.... I know the caffiene is a no no but its been ok with me. 

Snacks - NUTS i love em! 
Babybel cheese
Fruit  - Dole makes 20cal no sugar peaches that are awesome!!  But really I love any fruit.  I have it everyday.
Granola bars - Kashi is a higher calorie one I like, lower calorie is a Curves bar.. (not much for protein but it gets my munchies out)
Night snack is usually a mini bag of 100 cal kettle corn popcorn... I can't get enough of it!!!  wierd i know - but im only allowed to have it if I have reached my protein goals that day. 

Oh and I always do another protein shake after Im done lifting... Im not sure if its helping but its worth the shot.

Start 260/ Surgery 249/ Goal 140/ Current 135       5.8"

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