1 Year pics

on 2/10/09 8:08 am - IN

I had my one year post-op appointment yesterday. All labs are good and I am down 120lbs. Pictures are posted on my profile.

on 2/13/09 2:23 am - Daphne, AL
WOW!  What a huge difference.  You look fantastic!  I bet you feel world's better too.  I am leaving on a cruise this weekend and will post my 1 year pictures when I get back.  I have lost 106 lbs...only 25-30 to go.  I have already made my surgeon's goal for me, but I have my own goal too. 

Keep up the great work!


Valentine rain hearts




on 2/13/09 8:17 am - IN
Thanks Sandi. Yes, I feel like a whole new person and have tons of energy. I am looking forward to see the pics from your cruise. Have fun for me too!
Michelle S.
on 3/6/09 4:44 am - North Jersey, NJ
RNY on 02/25/08 with
In one year I went from 263.5 lbs down to 168.5 lbs (that's a 95 lb loss).  I'd still like to get to my goal of 145 lbs which would bring me to a BMI of 24.5, but if I'm "done"...I'm 100% estatic!

        here is me at a size 20/22 versus me at a size 12:
  Mich_012808.jpg Jan 28, 2008 picture by mishNotmush   Mich_021309.jpg Feb 13, 2009 picture by mishNotmush


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