where is everyone

on 1/30/11 10:38 am - WI
ok I need serious help..where is everyone??I'm gaining weight...different addictions...I'm ready to open up and get help please! 
on 2/23/11 1:00 am
I think this forum is a ghost town. I just came here to post my anniversary post, just for posterity's sake.

I think most people are on the Main Board or their surgery-specific forums (RNY, DS, band, etc.). I hope you have since gone there to talk about the issues you're facing. I hope you have gotten some help.

If you have not, please do. And consider talking to a therapist, too. It really helps to have someone in your corner but who still is impartial.

Be well,


I had the kick-butt duodenal switch (DS)!

HW: 344 lbs      CW: 150 lbs

Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea GONE!

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