I hate my insurance!!!

Kristi D.
on 1/25/11 3:39 am - Buffalo, NY
So, I've had my Feb 10th date for about a month now.  About two weeks ago the surgeond office called to say my insurance had approved me and I was good to go.  Then, two days later I get a call from the insurance saying I was denied becasue they didn't have my psych eval or diet history.  So, the surgeon's secretary (who is kind of an idiot) sent both over and they denied me again last week saying that I needed a six month supervised diet.  Sooo, I have been back and forth with the 1-800 customer service people at my insurance company and they told me that Weigh****chers was considered a supervised diet and if I faxed over six monthes worth of payment reciepts and weight logs, I would be approved.  Well, now I am 16 days from surgery and still not approved!!!  I've been calling them everyday and they keep telling me it is still being reviewed.  Then this afternoon I FINALLY talked to the person who is actually in charge of my case and she said sh is presenting it to the medical staff for approval today or tomorrow, but it could go either way!!!  This is so completely ridiculous and I am freaking out!!!  She said they might want 6 months of physician supervised diet and nutrition.  Well, why do I need that when customer service told me people get approved with the weigh****chers info all the time?  And why did I not know about the required diet when I started this process in August?  I'm sorry for the rant, but I feel like my surgery date is finally almost here and I'm scared to death that It's going to have to be cancelled.  This is the most frustrating thing ever....   
on 1/25/11 11:41 am - MI
Just stay positive.  Let your Dr's office do some of the calling for you.  They are not going to get paid if you don't have the surgery.  Good Luck!  What was your bmi when the process began?  Call your insurance person everyday untill she is sick of hearing from you!
Kristi D.
on 1/25/11 8:26 pm - Buffalo, NY
Thanks.  I've pretty much been calling everyday.  My BMI is about 45, I think.  I'm just so frustrated because I have jumped through all the hoops for months and now I feel like it's finally almost here and it might get cancelled anyway.  I am trying to stay positive.  Hopefully I will here today.  Thanks for the support. 
on 2/7/11 5:17 am
VSG on 02/08/11 with
Sorry too hear that and i know what they saying far as a six month supervision i had to complete that myself before i was approved my date is feb 8.th and i wish you the best of luck on yours and stay focus and keep on them you will get it done...


Trish B.
on 1/30/11 6:41 am - Bennett, CO
Which company are you having trouble with?  Just some tips and tricks for each.  have your Pcp send records of your physicals and weights as well.  I work in casemanagment at a major insurance company and I know that times can be be difficulty to understand why there is a NO.. usually has to do with records that are avaialable.

Keep on keeping the faith and keep taking care of you.. this will resolve.
Make each day exceptional.. you are in control

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