9 years plus 1 day

on 3/31/13 11:00 pm - colchester, CT
RNY on 03/30/04 with

I totally forgot about our anniversary date!

I'd not been on the computer all weekend and when i checked emails this morning there was a happy anniversary from obesityhelp.com

WOW has it been 9 years already!?!

My pouch still works most of the time,. I'm not able to eat large or dense qualities. Some foods still do not sit well with me. Turkey is one of them, Ham is another if it is dry. Dry anything isn't going to work! Smooth foods go in very easy so I have to watch and not over eat even things that are good for me like yogurt because they still have calories.

My blood levels have been low on D even though I use supplements and am an outdoor person. All the others are good. My B's are very good.

All in all I'm happy with the surgery and would do it again if I am taken back in time.

On the flip side I believe that more should have been done before and after our surgery. Looking back I believe they did the best that they could with the information that they had. Going forward I'm hoping that this has been corrected for anything who are currently beginning their journey. In reality I'm sure not much has changed. its all about the almighty dollar. 

Stats today

current weight 188 lowest weight 156 (for a day LOL) longest maintained weight 169 (this is what I consider my real/goal weight)

current size 14 lowest size 6 (closet has been cleaned out LOL) longest maintained size 10 (target size!)

D's low

B's & calcium all good

Calories 1600 per day (i eat every 2 to 3 hours as needed with low blood sugar) my diet consists of protein, fruits, vegetables grains dairy I eat good carbs and get my sugar from natural foods. I avoid processed things or artificial sweeteners. I do have a treat once a week of a skinny cow sugar free ice cream sandwich as long as my sugar levels are ok. If I cheat I'm gonna pay for it and not feel good so i'm very careful.

Thats all I can think of I'd love to hear from others to see what your stats are too.

Good luck and god bless,


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