What is your intake per meal?

Eliza M.
on 8/15/09 3:02 pm - Santa Barbara, CA
Hello All... my surgery was 3/11/09 (full gastric bypass) I have lost 110lbs and I feel amazing! I workout 3 days a week and I just ran my first mile!! I do have a concern about intake. I can eat just about anything (w/in reason) and I am easily eating 1 cup of food per meal. I am eating 2 to 3 meals a day w/ a couple of hearty drinks, V8 and protien. I'm wondering if a cup of food seems normal... Also I just noticed that I can tolerate sugar and it's very hard for me to avoid suger!! I actually stay'd away from ALL SUGARS until I hit a support group and another patient told me that he ate a cookie everyday!! Instead of me being shocked by the cookie I was shocked by the fact that he could eat sugar w/out dumping! Any suggestions about avoiding sugar? Someone told me to eat a bunch of sugar so that I would get sick and I would not eat it again... not sure that sounds smart!! Please help
on 8/15/09 11:56 pm
glad you're doing well. I think I can eat about a cup of food at each meal too. As for the sugar, just remember how difficult it was being heavy, going through surgery and the begining post op and how hard you've been working at the gym. I don't know about you, but that is enough to keep me away from sugar. I don't want to regain and have gone through all of this for nothing. To satisfy the sweet craving I love the protein ice-cream from eggface.
Eliza M.
on 8/16/09 12:50 pm - Santa Barbara, CA
Thank you so much for your relpy... you are right it's way too soon to give up on my progress by eating sugar! I will try the ice-cream from eggface! Thanks!!
on 8/19/09 4:49 pm - Huntington Beach, CA
What is eggface?  Protein ice cream?  This is the first time I heard this.........
on 8/24/09 10:06 am - Oklahoma City, OK

she has fabulous protein ice cream recipes she makes in her ice cream maker!

the rest of her recipes are so awesome too!! i check there all the time when looking for ideas for dinner :)  eggface is a wls patient too. great lady! 

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on 8/19/09 7:09 am - Clarksville, TN
I'm glad you posted this, sometimes I feel like I eat WAY too much... I normally eat about a 1/2c at each meal, but some things I can eat WAY more of then others. Like I take 2 bites of tuna and I'm full for hours. But I can eat a 6oz. container of yogurt no problem. I mentioned it to my BN and she said it had to do with the consistiency of the food, which makes sense. As far as the sugar goes, there have been a few times I have had sugar and not dumped, but I just don't crave sugar like I used too so I guess that's a good thing Maybe try eating 5-6 meals per day 1/2 cup, that might help

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on 8/19/09 10:13 am - Middletown , CT
RNY on 03/25/09 with

I am so impressed with your success and so jealous   I have lost the same 5 pounds over the last month and have not budged more then a few pounds down and then a few pounds up .

I find it very depressing...I read of surgeries in March mine was March 25 and they are closer to 90 pounds and I am stalled at 72 to 75. 

I guess I have been overeating and can tolerate anything.  It is more emotional and grazing habits I am unemployed and had some PC problems, car problems and financial upsets.

So after a support group and chatting with some for the girls I found I am going to take back control.  I reinstalled the Weight mania program, found a new place to walk close to home and rejoined a TOPS meetings for support and accountability.    I am now charting again and vow to give up the popcorn (yes with butter) and will increase my protein and not let a CARB in my mouth until this damn    DAM gets unplugged.       Tell that little dutch boy to pull his finger out of the dyke and let me get on with living the good life

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on 8/26/09 2:09 am - MA

I think you are doing great!  My surgery was 3/27/09 and I have lost 66 lbs so far.  I had to learn early on that I could not compare my weight loss to anyone else's.  I seem to have lost it slower than average, but I feel AMAZING and that is more important to me than what the damn scale says!   Congratulations on taking back control...we are awesome!!!

Tina Marie

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on 8/20/09 6:19 am - COLUMBIA CITY, IN
My plan allows me 4 ounces per meal at 4 months.  I can have fruit/veg for snacks inbetween.  I don't eat much dense protein as it still makes me bloated and a little nauseated.

I try to 90-100 gms protein a day and have a couple of protein drinks a day.  I haven't tried anything with sugar other than protein bar with less than 10 grams.

I make protein ice cream all the time.  The website is:

Great recipes there.
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Julie M.
on 8/20/09 2:09 pm - Victorville, CA

For example, today was a typical day and I had:
3/4 of a packet of Kashi oatmeal, Nectar protein drink, crunchy chicken taco from El Pollo Loco, Nectar protein drink, 3 oz of chicken & small spoonful of baked beans and about 5 green beans, Nectar protein drink.  (And several glasses of water.)  Some foods do go down easier because they are what I've heard called "slider" foods.  It's good to avoid these if they are high in carbs because we can take in too many calories if we eat them often.  I understand the sugar thing.  I think the best reason that I heard not to get back on sugar was that it reawakens the carb monster that most of us struggled with prior to surgery.  Once we start to get back into those old habits it is a slippery slope back to being fat again.  I too have experimented with what amounts of sugar my body will tolerate and then I notice that I'm thinking about junk food again and craving carbs again.  Then I don't allow myself any "bad" carbs for a period of time and I feel better and the cravings go away. 

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