1st labs and wows

Emily C.
on 8/23/09 9:32 pm - Claremore, OK
I had my first labs drawn and everything came back good. My iron was a little bit low so I am going to take an iron tablet everyday, but the dr said it was nothing to worry about. I am also off all of my meds for diabetes. No more shots for me. I am so happy. I am down to taking 4.5 pills aday from taking 18. I feel so good. Wish I would have had surgery long before I did. This has been the best thing for me.  I am down 97.6 pounds. Can't wait to hit the century mark. I need to lose 18 more pounds to be in onederland and 27 to hit my goal weight. This has been an incredible journey and i am glad i have all of you to share it with.

on 8/23/09 10:55 pm - Beantown, MA
 Congratulations Emily!!!!!
I know you feel good about it all. I hope your journey continues to be a great one.

on 8/27/09 6:32 am - toms river, NJ
Congrats Emily! 
on 8/28/09 11:33 am - Midland, MI
CONGRATS Emily!!  You are doing super!!


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