My 5 month update and some encouragement for all who think you're losing too slow..

on 8/27/09 6:59 am - toms river, NJ
I had my 5 month check up. I went in having lost over 100lbs since March 2 and I was soooo excited to share with my surgeon. So as I sat there with this big grin on my face he came in with my chart, said hello, sat down opened the chart and said WHOA. So here it comes I thought, the accolades, the congratulations, the pat on my back, NOPE. He was NOT happy. He said I lost too much weight in too short of time. He said he could tell I'm not eating enough and I'm not getting in enough protein. (As my hair is falling out). He's concerned about my labs, (we're waiting for those to come back). He said at this stage I should be at 1200 calories a day. I consume about 800. I said but wait, won't that slow down my weight loss? He said, it better!! I was so upset. Yet truthfully, he's concerned about my health and I can't fault him for that. So I'm making some changes and following his advice. I just wanted to share with others as I have seen many fellow Marchers upset at their weight loss.
Bottom line is, do not compare your weight loss to others. (I know easier said than done). Losing slower is not a bad thing, in fact, it's better long term.
on 8/27/09 11:43 pm
WOW!! He can be really hard on someone, but it is because he cares about our well being. God Bless and Good Luck
on 8/28/09 12:48 pm
Thanks for sharing that. It can't be easy to be scolded. It's hard to not compare and want to get all this weight off right now. Good luck to you.
Emily C.
on 8/29/09 11:53 pm - Claremore, OK
Sorry to hear the dr's visit didn't go as planned.  I would have been upset too. I have my 6 month check up in a little over a week. I am expecting a good report, just like you were. I hope your labs come back okay. Let us know.

on 8/31/09 3:07 am
Thanks for posting this.  I am one of the guilty ones who have complained about slow loss.  I am at 54 lbs loss since March 18.  My 3-month checkup with my surgeon went extremely well.  He was pleased with my results.  I have gone from very tight 24s to very comfy 16s (almost 14).  I am exercising 5x a week and getting in all my protein, vitamins and water.  I have to admit, I was disappointed at first because I wasn't losing as quickly as others, but that has passed.  I am feeling really good about myself and am really happy with my success thus far. 

I hope everything goes well for you.  I'm glad your surgeon is watching out for you.  You are doing really well.  Remember, we are in it to be healthy!  :o)
(deactivated member)
on 9/3/09 11:45 pm - Memphis, TN
ut-oh... I had surgery on March 31st and as of a few weeks ago, I was 103 down. I've felt guilty because in my mind, these last few weeks I've eaten a little more. I guess I really haven't eaten asll that much, being that my calories stay around 800-1000 cals at most. My nut did say that within the next few months I need to up it to 1200, but I took that as: at the end of 3 more months, adjust to 1200. The scale hasn't moved at all this week. Well, I take that back. It went up a pound, which it did at the beginning of last month the day before I lost 6 pounds somehow. This time, it stayed.. Well, it wavers, ya know? One day I'm this, next it is a little less. This whole thing can be frustrating! lol Thanks for sharing your experience!

(deactivated member)
on 9/7/09 11:48 am
I had my surgery on March 5th and am 104 lbs down since surgery.  I don't feel bad in the slightest.  I haven't had to see my surgeon in months.  Mostly because I have moved to FL and my surgeon was in WI.  I don't see a reason to go back.  I had no complications, my energy level is booming all the time, I can eat almost anything.  I don't consume sugar, and I limit my grease and bread intake.  I only consume about 600-800 calories a day.  Why would I need a doctor anymore?
Melody L.
on 9/12/09 5:26 am - Keizer, OR
I'm sorry that your appointment didn't go as well as you planned, but it sounds to me like you're doing well, even if you do need to up your calories, now you know and can adjust accordingly to be as healthy as possible.  I've been a slow loser, have lost 60 pounds since March 17th, but I'm trudging along and feel a lot better than I did when I started this journey so I try not to focus on the number and just keep going.  We just got back from a trip to Disney World and I never once got sore from all that walking (and we walked a TON), plus I was walking faster than most of the people I was with even though I wasn't trying to and felt like I was just walking normally, plus the plane ride was so much more comfortable.  Up your calories and protein and just move forward from today, but don't begrudge yourself your accolades for doing the best you could to this point so far, you didn't know you weren't getting in enough calories and now you can do what you need to do.  
~Melody~  5'6" Tall, 42 years old

on 9/12/09 5:30 am - toms river, NJ
Hi Melody! How was your trip? I've been waiting to hear how you did! I'm leaving in 2 weeks and I'm soooooooo looking forward to not stopping every 5 minutes and fitting into the plane seat! (I hope, lol). Did you have a good time?
And thank you for your post. :o)
Melody L.
on 9/13/09 3:53 am - Keizer, OR
Our trip went well, it was exhausting but lots of fun.  The Halloween party was a lot of fun.  The heat and humidity I could do without but we walked a TON and I was always ahead of the pack and had to keep stopping so the others could catch up, the plane ride was perfectly comfortable (well as comfortable as a plane ride can be), my feet didn't swell at all, and I never really got sore, I was tired and caught a cold, but not sore like I would've been before!  The eating was a bit difficult, getting in enough water was hard, but overall it was a great trip.  I just uploaded some of the pictures we took while we were there.  By the way, by far the best restaurant we ate at was Ohana's at the Polynesian resort, and they had lots of grilled meats.  Hope you have a great trip!!
~Melody~  5'6" Tall, 42 years old

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