on 8/27/09 1:21 am - Farmington, CT
Today I am finally out of the 200 club!  I haven't seen 100s since 1990.  I have a lot to go but baby this sure feels goooooooooood.   
Melody L.
on 8/27/09 3:53 am - Keizer, OR
I'll be joining you before too awful long (although probably at least another month), I haven't seen the 100's since about 1996, so I'm pretty excited to hit that mark as well!!  Congratulations!!
~Melody~  5'6" Tall, 42 years old

on 8/27/09 6:29 am - toms river, NJ
How awesome! Congrats!!
Emily C.
on 8/29/09 11:49 pm - Claremore, OK
That is awesome. congratulations.

on 9/14/09 3:32 am
Congats, Hopefully I will be joining you within the next month too.  I cant wait for the day, its been since the 80s here.  God, thats forever ago isnt it?
on 9/14/09 4:05 am - Farmington, CT
However long it takes!  I actually kept my Guess mini-skirts from 1988 vowing that I would wear them again!  Well I can wear them again!  I took me 21 years! 
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