I know, I know....But I'm still discouraged!!

on 9/22/09 8:40 am
RNY on 03/09/09 with
Hi there... I just have to vent for a minute. But before I do, here's my discalimer: I know I'm not supposed to compare my weight loss to others. I am eating more (amount and variety) than most, and I do exercise 3-4 times per week.  There, now on to venting!

I am losing weight so slowly that I want to scream!!  I've lost 74 pounds since my official pre-surgery weight.  Last month I lost 6 pounds and the month before, I lost 8. So far this month, I've lost 2.  This is ridiculous!  I am certainly grateful for the weight I've lost, but am discouraged at the same time.

OK, now that I got that off my chest.... Someone did this on another board and I think it was helpful. Let's all tell each other not only how much weight we've lost, but our height and clothing size, etc... (it makes a difference).  So, here's mine:

Surgery date: 3/9/09
Height: 5' 9"
Starting Weight: 325
Current Weight: 251
Weight lost: 74 pounds
Top Size: anywhere from 14 - 18
Pants size: anywhere from 16 - 20
Starting BMI: 48
Current BMI: 37.1

Thanks for listening and for your response!  :-)

Brittnie S.
on 9/23/09 4:25 am - NV
You are doing awesome, it might be slower than what you want it to be but just think of it this way, you are giving your skin a little more time to catch up to the other changes in your body.

Surgery date: 3/20/09
Height: 5' 6"
Starting Weight: 298.6
Current Weight: 206
Weight lost: 92 pounds
Starting Top Size: 2XL
Starting Pants size: 22-24
Current Top Size: L
Current Pants Size:13-14
Starting BMI: 48
Current BMI: 33.2
on 9/23/09 8:32 am
RNY on 03/09/09 with
Thanks for the encouragement Brittnie B!   You're doing awesome yourself!
on 9/23/09 4:42 pm - Landenberg, PA
Hi guys speaking of venting. I am reading what u guys r saying and both of u r doing amazing.
I in the other hand feel like a failer. My pre-op wt was 241 and am down to 200!!! 6lbs I lost pre op
So in 5 months my lose is only 35lbs I dont know why am working out 3 to 4 times a week sometimes 5 days. My diet and eating is in ck. No snacks like chips ect. I want to cry. What is going on with me!! I most never going to see myself down. I am so depressed I tell my dr and he says u doing good. I have 6cc as of this week in a 11cc band. Help guys what r u doing. 

Surgery date: 4/13/09
Height 5' 3'
Starting wt: 241
Current wt: 200
WT lose 35lbs
on 9/24/09 3:23 am
RNY on 03/09/09 with
Hi Taina,
You are by no menas a failure!  I had RNY and you had the band... as I understand it, the band works a bit slower initially.  You're 35 pound lighter than before and that's awesome!!  Go pick up a 35 lb weight and you'll see what I mean!

Sounds like your exercise and your food intake has been near to perfect, so keep up the great work!!!

on 9/24/09 5:14 am - Landenberg, PA
Thank u so much its just so hard to stay this heavy after a surgery risk u know? I do need to be grateful for what I have lose so far but I am scared I wont lose anymore. I did want the rny but my dr would not do it for me I have IBS and he refused because he said if it got worse I cant reverse the surgery he did not want to take that risk and send me to another surgent for second opinion.
Since the band my ibs seems to be the same if not better since i have alot of fiber and excercise. I am sure I would have done well with the rny. Anyways thank you. Keep in touch.
on 9/25/09 12:28 am - Westfield, IN

I hit my six month mark yesterday. I always seem to compare myself to others on here and in support group.  I have to stop that!! But I know it's hard.  Tomorrow is another day and I will do better.

Surgery date: 3/24/09
Height: 5'4"
Starting Weight: 262
Surgery Weight: 250
Current Weight: 185
Weight Lost: 77lbs
Starting Top Size: 2x
Current Top Size: L
Starting Pants Size: 24
Current Pants Size: 12-14
Starting BMI: 45
Current BMI: 31.8

Yesterday I also got blood work back from my family doctor. My Glucose was normal!  My A1C was normal!  My Cholesterol was 168!  My LDL was 118(really close to range)! My HDL was 31 - still a little low.  My Triglycerides were 93 - normal!   Not perfect but a huge improvement over numbers I had just six months ago.  I'll take em!

I am off all my perscription meds for blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol!  WOOOFREAKINHOOO!!  That was my true goal for surgery.  The smaller clothes is just a bonus.

Some of my struggles...

I don't "see" the change. I get the comments that I look good, that I'm not recognized etc. My husband told me last week that he has trouble finding me in a crowd because I don't look the same.  I KNOW it's happening, there is all this proof around me.  But when it comes down to it and it's just me and a mirror, I don't see it. I know my mind has to catch up. Maybe this is a difference between knowing (logical) and feeling (emotion). 

I worry i'm stretching my pouch.  I'm sticking to my meal plan. I'm eating the right amounts BUT I still worry.  Maybe because I've failed at this too many times.......

Anyway...congratulations to all of us, no matter how much weight you've lost, to making it six months!!  You are all a success!

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom? ~ Anais Nin~

on 9/25/09 4:51 am - Albertville, MN
Hi there - don't be discouraged. You are doing great!  I have been on a stall for a month now and before that my monthly losses had been 5 lb/mo.  This is for life, not for short term, so we will both get there!

Here are my stats

Surgery date: 3/26/09
Height: 5' 4"
Starting Weight: 245
Current Weight: 196
Weight lost: 49 pounds
Top Size: XL
Pants size: 16
Starting BMI: 42.1
Current BMI: 33.6
   245 10 day LD / 237.5 SW / 184 CW / 167 GW
on 9/28/09 9:40 am
RNY on 03/09/09 with
Thank you!!  I'm trying to keep my head up!  :-)
Julie M.
on 9/25/09 4:22 pm - Victorville, CA
You are doing as well as the majority of us.  There are a few doing better and a few doing worse, but I think most of us are in this range.

Surgery Date: 3/23/09
Height: 5'3"
Starting Weight: 254
Current Weight: 181
Weight Lost: 73 pounds
Top Size: XL or 14
Pant Size: 12-14
Starting BMI: 46 (I think)
Current BMI: 32


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