Post them pictures!

on 10/28/09 11:43 pm

I updated my profile pictures and thought I would share them here too. Come on all you Marchers post your pics too!
Melody L.
on 10/31/09 6:50 am - Keizer, OR
You look great!  I haven't been good about taking pictures, I did take a before picture but it's on a different camera and i've never uploaded it.  I have pictures from a Halloween party that we went to the other day, I will post one of those when i'm on the right computer even though it won't show a great comparison like yours do.  ;)  Love the skirt and top in your most recent picture, it looks great on you.
~Melody~  5'6" Tall, 42 years old

on 11/1/09 8:56 am - Oklahoma City, OK
hey ya'll!
i hope this works! ive never posted pics here before :)

But you don’t
Have to hold your head
Higher than your heart
~jack johnson~

on 11/1/09 1:22 pm - Visalia, CA
Before 3/24/2009 398.5 Lbs size 54 pants 5 X shirt

2 weeks Ago

225 Lbs size 34 pants Xl shirt
on 11/3/09 2:05 am - Oklahoma City, OK
wooohoooo!! goood job!!! llookin good boss! 
on 11/14/09 4:26 pm - CA
VERY impressive!!!!  Way to go!  Such an inspiration!
on 12/10/09 2:43 am

134 pounds gone, current weight 178, Goal 165
Pre-Op 314, Surgery Day 304, Goal 165        
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