Onederland and Life is Beautiful

on 12/4/09 8:23 pm, edited 12/4/09 8:26 pm - Middletown , CT
RNY on 03/25/09 with
Well I hit that bit 100 pound mark and life is so much better.
I put up Christmas decorations myself .. On a ladder
I redecorated my living room myself.. On a ladder
I Joined a group that goes Hiking... I go Hiking
I can wash my back without a back brush
Hell I can wash everything  without a back brush
I wear a sexy body stocking... It hides alot of skin and wrinkles
Hey look at me I am on TOP
I feel sexy    Hell I am sexy
I have a stylish hairstyle
I got my ears peirced
I am the person someone asks questions at the WLS support groups
I am launching my business Jan 1st
I had someone not recognize me for the first time

Things I don't like.
I take more clothes out of closet then in
I am tired of going to the thrift store for clothes... I don't'[ want to waste money on new clothes that in another month or two will be at Good Will
I miss my boobs...
Well that is it

Lost 25 pounds pre-op
on 12/8/09 2:36 am
Congrats on the 100 lbs loss.  That is fantastic!  I am not too far behind (93 lbs total - 73 since surgery).  I am actually .8 lbs away from being under 200!  What an unbelieveable journey this has been!

Keep up the great work!

on 12/14/09 12:32 am
I'm glad to hear you're doing well!
on 12/17/09 1:20 am - Midland, MI

CONGRATULATIONS!!  I have to has been great since RNY!! 

Keep up the great work!


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