Onederland, the best Christmas gift to myself

on 12/21/09 12:15 am - Fayetteville, NC
I barely ever get in here anymore, but have been a slow loser from the start and had to share how happy I am this Christmas.  I weighed in a few days ago and had hit 199.8, as of this morning I am 197.4.  I love that I can go to see family members for Christmas knowing I am no longer in the 200's!
I know I have read others who weren't fond of how slow they were losing doing this, so I thought I would as well.  I have had many many stalls, had my protein intake up to 130 grams a day for a few months because my pre-albumin levels won't get up there where they want them, but it actually dropped a few tenths on the higher protein and it had me up to about 1200 calories a day so my weight was barely budging at all during that time.  Found out I had thyroid problems a few months after surgery, so now on synthroid.  It may have been a long hard road for the past 8.5 months, but it sure seems worth it when I see I have lost almost 100 pounds and when I am able to do things with my family all the time now.  Shoot, I even put on a dress I had made for a friends wedding back in the mid 90's and even put on a dress I wore in high school in 84 for show choir today...and they all fit!

Starting weight (Sept. of 08)-194.4
Pre-surgery weight (3/31/09)-169
Current weight-197.4
Clothing size-16/18 or XL/1X
No more high BP, no more depression meds, no more high cholesterol and the good cholesterol is almost into the normal level finally (it was at a 5 a couple of years ago).  Labs are all good except te good cholesterol still needing a tiny bit more and the pre-albumin being a tad low but at a level the surgeon can live with for now.

I love this new life!  Even if I am having fun trying to find some warm clothes to wear since I am always freezing and all of my long sleeved clothes are way too many sizes too big LOL
Married 19 years to the love of my life, and now getting to enjoy that life with him so very much more!

on 12/22/09 2:16 am
Congrats!  I posted a similar post yesterday. LOL!  I am also a "slow" loser, but I'm ok with that.  As long as the scale keeps going down, I'm happy.  Happy Happy Holidays! 

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