Hows everyone doing?

on 3/3/10 2:11 am

Today is my one year anniversary.  Last night I was so sad because I didnt make it to onederland.  Just a hair off but nonetheless didnt make it.  Today, I weighed in at 199.8.  Hey, it put me in onederland and Im a happy camper.  Im moving extremely slow but its still coming off, only a few pounds a month now and I have 49 more to go.

I need to update my picture now to.

How is everyone else doing?

Brittnie S.
on 3/3/10 5:02 am - NV
Congrats on finally making it to onederland! and happy 1 year surgiversary! You are doing awesome keep up the good work! It's almost my 1 year surgiversary on the 20th. As of this morning I have lost 110lbs I was 298.6lbs and now I'm 188! This has been the best decision I have ever made for myself! I was hoping to be at goal by my surgiversary but I don't think I can lose 29lbs by the 20th. I came close though, hope I make it there by may.
on 3/3/10 11:27 am - toms river, NJ

Congrats to both of you! I wish I was in onderland, but hey I can't complain. My one year was March 2 and I've lose 143lbs. I'm at 220 right now and it's not coming off so I have to kick it in high gear to get to onderland. I'm very happy where I'm at but I am working hard at getting to 160ish. I have to give myself a pat on my back, I have not gone off my program one bit. I eat healthy every day and I refuse to go back to my old habits. People have asked me, how can you go a whole year without sugar, alcohol, soda, junk food etc. and I say becuase I did not put my body through this for nothing. I feel great and I'm so happy I had the surgery.
Congrats to all of us!!

Chelea Holdt
on 3/4/10 6:19 am - Portland, OR
Keep up the good work.  Congrats on the onederland when ever you reached it.  It sounds like we have all had awesome years and I am looking forward to another one.  I am amazed every day how much better and more healthy I am than I have ever been in my adult life and most of my teen years.  I would do it again in a flash!
on 3/5/10 8:45 pm - Rochester, NY
My surgery was March 2. When I had my 1 year follow-up (purposely scheduled for March 2, at 10:45 am, 15 minutes off from when my surgery started last year), I weighed in at 243 pounds, subtracting 5 pounds for clothing. That puts me 97 pounds down from my pre-op testing weight of 340. I am working hard at getting down further. My ultimate (personal) goal is to get down to 200 pounds, but I'm not going to complain one bit if I don't get there, since, in my mind, I am a lot happier and healthier than a year ago.
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on 3/8/10 3:04 am
Congrats!  Everyone is doing so good!  I will be one year out on March 18.  I made it to onederland right before Christmas.  Right now, I'm at about 192 on a good day!  My loss has slowed down, but that is to be expected.  Am down 101.8 from my heaviest, 81.2 from surgery.  Slow, but ok.  I exercise 5x/wk and am still keeping up with protein & vitamins.  All is well!
on 3/10/10 2:11 am - Midland, MI
Thanks for posting your updates everyone!

Congratulations to all of us for making it to our one year mark!!  I am amazed daily at how much better I feel and how the quality of my life has changed.  I started out at just over 300 lbs and now I fluctuate between 147-149 for a total loss of about 152 lbs.  I was losing pretty consistently each month until Feb hit and then it was like I hit a brick wall.  I only lost .3 in that month and have been staying the same since, so I have a feeling this is where my body wants to stay, and that is okay with me. 

Keep up the great work every one!


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on 3/10/10 2:20 am - Olathe, KS
Congrats!!!  Yeah on Saturday it will be my one year and down 160lbs.  Amazing how far we have come! 

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on 3/13/10 12:58 pm
 It was my 1 year date on march 5th, am down 201lbs and have been steady at that for a few weeks now.  It feels great!
on 3/15/10 5:01 am - Baraga, MI
I just realized I lost only 1# each month these last 3 months!  UGH!  However, I have lost 126# now, got my labs in the "normal" range.  I too wanted to be under 200# by now but it will happen.  I got to get in gear though.  Happy One Year Anniversary everyone!  Be proud of what you did accomplish! 

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