plasict surgery??

on 4/8/10 7:09 am - Yale, WA
VSG on 03/31/09 with
hey is anyone else considering some surgery for all the loose skin. i went swimwear shopping and tucking extra skin is not ok with me. i was very discuraged how after loosing 105 lbs in ayear that the swimwear still wouldnt fit right.  Why is it i can wear size5/7  and the suits be large and xl.  Well if anyone has had or will be having some tuck of some sort done let me know. i am curious on prces and how things went.
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Brittnie S.
on 4/15/10 12:55 pm - NV
I plan on looking into it but its going to be a whie off as it will be expensive
on 8/21/11 10:43 am - Imperial (Pittsburgh), PA
ive been thinking of it for a while and finally scheduled a consult with a plastic surgeon.  I dont care so much about arms/legs.. its my middle section i need to tend to.  all my extra skin is there.. sometimes i feel like the lady michelin man with 2 tires around my middle.

not sure if surgery is do-able for me, but im at least taking the steps to investigate and gather the info.
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on 4/15/10 1:06 pm
I've considered it but from what I can tell its going to be between 4500-10000.  Not something I can afford.  I am going to the doctor on May 5th on my 28th bday and being 14 months out to see if there is anything I can do to tighten the skin with drugs or creams.  I know I need to be drinking a lot more water.  I lost 216lbs in a year but the sagging skin on my stomach is really bugging me.  I know that my insurance won't cover it which is expected.  From what I have heard from some of the guys on the men's forum between year 1 and 2 it tightens up a lot just start drinking a lot more water.  I will post after my doctor visit if there is anything he recommends to help.

I need to buy a new bathing suit, I haven't had one since before surgery, it is way way way too big for me.  I went from a size 48 to a size 34 and from a 4xl shirt to a 1xl shirt.  If it wasn't for the extra skin I could easily fit in a large.  I wish the damn clothing makers would make shirts longer for the tall guys.  I'm 6'4" 210 but apparently I am still 30 lbs overweight.  Going to get that confirmed by the doctor too, I always thought I had a large frame but apparently I have a medium to small frame.
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