What's everyone eating these days?

on 7/27/10 4:13 am - MA
I lost over 100 then lost my momentum.  I have not gained, but I still have 25 lbs I'd like to lose.  Where is everyone at and what is a typical days calories/protien for you?
Tina Marie

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Julie M.
on 7/28/10 4:18 am - Victorville, CA
I was within 3 pounds of my goal, but I have put back on 5 pounds.  That is a scary feeling after losing so consistently for over a year.  I'm still eating a lot of the same stuff, but my body will tolerate larger portions and more carbs and sugar than it would before.  On a good day I'm eating about 100 grams of protein and 1,300 calories.  On a bad day, I'm still eating high protein but add in way too many carbs and calories.  Probably as high as 1,900.  I'm trying to get back on track and it's easier than before surgery, but still takes way more willpower (that dirty word) than it did at first.  I usually do great until around 8 in the evening and then I want junk!  I'm determined not to let this get the best of me though.  I like wearing a size 4-6 and I'm not willing to give that up!

HW 263
SW 254
on 8/19/10 3:09 am - MA
Congratulations!  130 is an amazing amount of weight to lose!  I need to go back to the basics for a couple weeks and get myself back on track.  High protein, low carbs, lots of water and EXERCISE!!!  Need to lose the last 25 so I can wear a 4-6 too!
Tina Marie

Be the change that you want to see in the world ~ Ghandi 
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