18 months out and counting!!!!

on 9/2/10 3:55 am - Rochester, NY

Well gang, here we are, 18 months out, and counting!

How is everyone doing in their weight loss journies?

Myself, I am down 102 pounds since surgery.  I now weigh 238 pounds.  Seem to have been on that for a while, though.

I am not on any meds I was before surgery, except for one for my stuffy nose.

I even joined a gym (Planet Fitness) back in June.  I am going between 2-3 times a week, and I have even increased my walking when it can be fit into my schedule.

My sleep apnea is MUCH better.  My machine pressure is down from 11 to 7.  And, I have a retest scheduled for Sept. 14, to see if I even NEED my CPAP any more.

Not sure if I can afford plastics, but, if I do,  I am getting them done locally.

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on 10/12/10 12:54 pm - Midland, MI
Wow, I can't believe it has been 18 months!!  Well, 19 now :-)

My weight loss journey has been amazing.  I am so grateful to have had this surgery.  I went from 304 lbs to 140 lbs in 13 months.  I was in a size 24 and now wear a size 4 pants and small shirts.

I work out and love being able to actually exercise.  I do a lot of weight training which has helped a lot so I have no plans for plastics. 

It's getting harder as the time goes on because I can definitely eat more and feel like I am eating a lot of carbs lately.  chips, pretzels, crackers, that kind of stuff.  I need to focus on giving some of that up!

My daughter had surgery this past May and she is down 85 pounds!  And my two sons are having surgery in December!  I am so HAPPY for them!

Hope all of you are healthy and doing well!!  Amazing how fast the time has gone!



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