on 11/3/10 6:20 pm

Just courious who all made it to their goal weight?  I would still love to lose about 30 more pounds but I dont think thats ever going to happen.  I am 1 1/2 years out now and have lost a total of 105 pounds.

Tell me if you made it to where you really want to be. 

Chelea Holdt
on 12/10/10 1:50 am - Portland, OR

I made it to my goal weight and have maintained it for a year now.  I am down 116lbs, which I would never have imagined and I am still astonished sometimes. 

I think there is still the possibility of losing more weight  . . .I have a friend who is out a year more than us and in the last year she has lost about 13-14 lbs.  It is very slow and at a 1 lb. a month, but it is possible.

Keep you goals measurable and attainable . . . look how far we have come :o)

on 12/13/10 12:13 pm - Midland, MI
I made ti to my goal weight at 13 months out.  I've maintined my goal weight of 140 since I hit it, give or take a few lbs.  The lowest I ever got was 138 but that was only for a day. 


HW 300
/ SW 280 / CW 138 /
GW 140
Hit Goal 4/2/2010

on 1/2/11 11:58 am
I aspired to be 150, but I've been holding at 170. Everytime I dip below that weight, I feel like I have no energy. Everyone, including my surgeon and nutritionist, has told me that I should not lose anymore weight. I definitely could use some plastic surgery, which will get me closer, if I every go for it. I've lost 130lbs, which is incredible for me to even say! I think you should not focus so much on a number, but on how you feel. If you feel healthy and are following all the guidance your nutritionist has provided, then you have reached your goal. On the other hand, if you know you can do better with your eating and exercise, you know you need to put yourself to work! Congratulations and keep up the good work.
on 3/14/11 2:52 am - VA
I am very happy to report that I reached my goal of 135, I did loose down to 130 but went back to 135, give or take a pound or 2 ;)  It will be 2years for me on 3/25.  I have lost a total of 130 pounds!  it is amazing to me some days!   you will get to where you want to be, just take it day by day!

Starting weigh 265
Current Weight 151


on 1/11/11 5:03 am

I am happy to say that I have lost 100 pounds.  This puts me below my surgeons goal
of 150.  What an amazing journey!

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