2 years Post Op

Brittnie S.
on 3/20/11 7:58 am - NV
Well I cannot believe that I am officially 2 years post op!!! It seems like yesterday I was just getting ready to have surgery. I still am not at my goal weight and have actually regained some that I have lost which is kinda sad but at the same time totally my fault because I have not been working out like I need to and have not been following the rules like I know I need to. As of this morning I am 212.  Still a lot better off from where I was 2 years ago but still about 30 + lbs from where I would like to be. I'll get there and I'm hoping to be there by my 3 year mark, just have to get back to the basics and do what I know I can do! Thanks for everyones support and I will try to post pictures here shortly
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