Happy third surgiversary!

on 3/2/12 9:28 pm - Rochester, NY
Happy third surgiversary, everyone!

How is everyone doing these days?

I had my three year checkup on the first.  The PA said I am at 253 (that was clothed, though LOL).  That makes me up 8 pounds since last year.  She also told me, for the first time, mind you, that I've lost 49% of my excess body weight.  I want to get rid of those 8 pounds, and then some!!!
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Brittnie S.
on 4/9/12 12:18 pm - NV
I know I'm late. This last year has been the toughest for me. I lost 110lbs total and then this last year I have gained back roughly 40lbs!!! I have been freaking out. granted I had the lap band surgery and have completely reverted back to my old eating habbits and not working out because I have been to busy and stressed with school. This last week I finally decided I had had enough and started doing some light work out stuff just to get back into it and want to get back on track. I plan on losing those 40 lbs and then some because I never reached my goal weight, I did come close though and got stuck. I have also had a few issues with my band that I think has contributed some to my weight gain but I know ultimately I am responsible for it.
on 7/1/12 8:12 am - toms river, NJ

I'm very late! Funny how we forget how instrumental this board was in the beginning of our journey and then it fades.
My weight loss is great, lost 170lbs and reached 195. My bloodwork, not so great. Recently discovered a slew of issues, severely anemic, iron deficient and needed 2 blood transfusions all due to this wonderful surgery. I blame myself for not following through. I thought since I lost weight and maintained, ate healthy and excersised, I was good. I was wrong. It's very important to follow through with your doctors. I'm on a new journey to fix all my issues but I wouldn't change my decision to have the surgery. Best thing that ever happened to me. 
Bob so glad to see you doing well! :)

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