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on 5/16/13 1:47 pm - Rochester, NY
Topic: RE: Almost 4 yrs - Checking in

I am up maybe 25 pounds from my low, so I am in the same boat as you.


I am seeing a nutritionist for this, at the insistence of my PA.  Will go back to see her again in like 3 weeks or so.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  --  Lao Tzu
                    * Surgery date - 3/2/2009!!!
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on 1/23/13 2:59 am
Topic: RE: Almost 4 yrs - Checking in

I'm right there with you.  Gained back 25 pounds (could be 30 by now).  I really thought this was my answer.  I kept waiting for my small stomach to tell me I was full but it never did.  I'm back at square one still struggling with weight loss again.  Nothing has changed for me.  I didn't change my eating or exercise habits and just kept relying on my stomach to take control.  It never stepped up to the plate!  So here I am again 3 years later with the same bad habits and the same struggles.  Some days I just resign myself to it.  Other days I ask myself what am I doing?  I don't have any tips for you, but I wanted to let you know you're not alone.

on 1/23/13 1:49 am - Bangor, ME
Topic: Almost 4 yrs - Checking in

Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in and see where everyone is at in their journey. When I started this, I didn't realize that it really is a life long journey. I wanted to have the surgery, lose the weight and that's that. I didn't realize just how easy it would be to gain the weight back. I was 155 at my lowest and now I am at 200. It horrifies me to see that "200" on the scale again! It is an eye opener for sure. I wish I hadn't let the pounds sneak back on because it seems even harder to take them off now than it was prior to surgery. Is anyone else struggling with this regain issue? I am thankful that I was able to have surgery and that I lost so much weight. However, I would not let myself start the snacking again and I would have kept up with the excercise if I could do it all over. I did excercise regularly for the first 2 years and then I stopped. I am currently logging everything I eat, keeping it at 1400 calories a day and excercising. Hopefully I will be able to start next year at a much healthier weight than I did this year! I would love to hear from any of you if you have any tips on helping to get the regain off or how to maintain once I do and I will get it off!

*15lbs lost before surgery    
on 12/6/12 3:20 am
Topic: RE: Surgery two years ago, I just gained 28 lbs in a couple of months!

I have gained back 25 lbs from my surgery in 2009.  It made me feel so much better when I read that people can eat.  I kept thinking I was supposed only be able to fit a 1/2 cup of food and be full.  I can fit so much more.  I am struggling again and I don't want to put it back on.  It is something I still have to deal with everyday.  I really thought I was done with the struggles. 

on 7/1/12 8:12 am - toms river, NJ
Topic: RE: Happy third surgiversary!

I'm very late! Funny how we forget how instrumental this board was in the beginning of our journey and then it fades.
My weight loss is great, lost 170lbs and reached 195. My bloodwork, not so great. Recently discovered a slew of issues, severely anemic, iron deficient and needed 2 blood transfusions all due to this wonderful surgery. I blame myself for not following through. I thought since I lost weight and maintained, ate healthy and excersised, I was good. I was wrong. It's very important to follow through with your doctors. I'm on a new journey to fix all my issues but I wouldn't change my decision to have the surgery. Best thing that ever happened to me. 
Bob so glad to see you doing well! :)

Brittnie S.
on 4/9/12 12:18 pm - NV
Topic: RE: Happy third surgiversary!
I know I'm late. This last year has been the toughest for me. I lost 110lbs total and then this last year I have gained back roughly 40lbs!!! I have been freaking out. granted I had the lap band surgery and have completely reverted back to my old eating habbits and not working out because I have been to busy and stressed with school. This last week I finally decided I had had enough and started doing some light work out stuff just to get back into it and want to get back on track. I plan on losing those 40 lbs and then some because I never reached my goal weight, I did come close though and got stuck. I have also had a few issues with my band that I think has contributed some to my weight gain but I know ultimately I am responsible for it.
on 3/13/12 5:45 am
Topic: RE: Surgery two years ago, I just gained 28 lbs in a couple of months!
 Hi There:

I am sorry that you feel defeated.  This journey that we are on is a continuing process.  Here is a copy of what I recently posted to the main board and the vsg board:

Here is another tool

Hello OH's:

I am 3 years post-op and have been reading a few posts from others (like myself) who have lost a lot of weight, gained a little and wanted to nip it in is tracks.

I am here to share that a calorie tracking program has been helpful to many (myself included).

I like

There are many like programs out there.  Just find one that is a good fit for you and keep up the good work.

Congratulations to all who are on this journey to good health! 

on 3/2/12 9:28 pm - Rochester, NY
Topic: Happy third surgiversary!
Happy third surgiversary, everyone!

How is everyone doing these days?

I had my three year checkup on the first.  The PA said I am at 253 (that was clothed, though LOL).  That makes me up 8 pounds since last year.  She also told me, for the first time, mind you, that I've lost 49% of my excess body weight.  I want to get rid of those 8 pounds, and then some!!!
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  --  Lao Tzu
                    * Surgery date - 3/2/2009!!!
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on 2/6/12 12:49 am
Topic: RE: Surgery two years ago, I just gained 28 lbs in a couple of months!
WOW! you lost more than I did and we almost weighed the same.
How is that?
What are you eating now?
I am going to go on diet pills. I am going to take Adipex. I am desperate.
I am 215-220 and cannot bring it down. I do drink alcohol though. Do you really think that is making me gain??

Mona Lyssa

on 2/6/12 12:13 am - Rochester, NY
Topic: RE: Surgery two years ago, I just gained 28 lbs in a couple of months!
I am in the same boat.  Surgery was March 2, 2009, and I, too, have gained some weight back.  I've gone from a high of 406, to a surgery day weight of 340, to a low of 238.  I am now up to about 250-255.  I do NOT want to regain back!  I watch what I eat, and I try to go for walks every day.  I am even re-dedicating myself to exercising. I can eat more, like everyone else.  I am trying to avoid breads, except for toast in the morning. I have eaten subs, but am starting to just eat the fillings, and not the bread (I love meatball subs).  I normally have small snacks during the day (1 ounce of nuts, or 1/2 cup of light fruit), and a small dinner.  I have some small snacks (think vegetable crisps) later in the evening, and I am trying to not eat after 8 or 9 pm.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  --  Lao Tzu
                    * Surgery date - 3/2/2009!!!
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