Home, trying to survive my first 24 hours lol

on 3/15/10 9:30 pm - Newark, DE
My surgery was at 11 am yesterday, and I was on my way home at 6 pm. This gas thing is no joke. Not to scare anyone, but I haven't had any other problems besides the gas from inflating your abdominal cavity. Just feels like I have indigestion real bad. I've found that rocking and changing positions frequently has helped. I've also been walking a rut in the house lol It was interesting mixing my uso and calcium together last night. I put it in some V8 Tropical juice, but it floated right to the bottom. I drank as much as I could but ultimately dumped it. Today, I think I'm going to use a spoonful of applesauce instead. I've also decided that I'm going to try "seasoning" my stomach next time I take my pain meds. That's the only time I've felt a little queezy during this whole thing.

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to get through this time, I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom. Good luck to all who have their surgeries soon, and to all those who are on the other side already, it's only downhill from here! (In a good way :) )
Dana K.
on 3/15/10 11:38 pm - Winchester, VA
RNY on 03/01/10 with
I'm happy to hear that you are home and feeling well!
on 3/27/10 8:56 pm
 wow, they only kept you at the hospital for a day? I have/had gas pains as well. It is my biggest complaint post-op so far (my surgery was thursday) The things that I have found that help are walking..lots of walking- it will get your bowels up and running and once you start tooting it will start feeling lots better- and burp..don't hold it in! sounds gross but it really does help! Oh, and gas-x the chewable kind! Those really help me! I wish you luck and hope your pain eases soon!
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