Surgery One Week From Today!

on 3/15/10 5:45 am - Vidor, TX
March 22, 2010 is my surgery date and I am excited and scared at the same time. I am having a revision from Molina band to VSG. I have been on high protein low calories since March 1st, lost 11 pounds, been off carbonated drinks since Feb. 22 and caffiene since February 26! I am having a lot of trouble with diahrrea since I began drinking the protein drinks and am a little concerned about that, but, I am still just waiting on that magic day and date!! The day BEFORE my 8th anniversary!
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on 3/15/10 7:07 am - Honolulu, HI

My surgery date is on the 22nd as well.  I am having the RNY.  I am feeling the same emotions as you.  The first 4 days of my liquid diet I was having diahrrea as well.  I started my liquids on the 8th.  So I am on day 8 and things are getting better. 

Congrats on the 11 pound weight loss. That's great!!

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