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on 3/16/10 1:18 am - Ontario, CA

Will anyone else be at San Diego for their surgery on the 26th?  It's nice that you have a private room and a family member can stay with you for free!
I booked a room at the hotel next door for those who drive up to see me, I have a big family.  They say you are in for 2 to 3 days.
If I have my surgery on Friday I hope to be back at work the following Wednesday..I own an income tax business and need to be there to finish the season.  Many ask why don't you wait?  I told them, I have been waiting for a year for my date, so I don't want to postpone it.
on 3/16/10 4:07 pm - Temecula, CA
Good luck to you!  I had my surgery on the 10th at Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar (you will pass by it if you take the 15 fwy to San Diego).~mo


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