Had sleeve surgery on 3/8 and want to introduce myself

on 3/16/10 3:58 am - Blue Springs, MO
Hi, my name is Heather and I had the gastric sleeve done after a problem with my lapband.  I've lost 15lbs in the last 8days and just had my staples removed.  Still a little sore on my left side, but going back to school tonight.

I look forward to posting over here and seeing how everyone else is doing on their journeys with their new tools!

Talk with you soon!
on 3/16/10 5:32 am - Oklahoma City, OK
Hi Heather, glad you could join us. :)

15 pounds in 8 days is phenomenal! Seems like you're going to do really well with your sleeve.

I'm scheduled for RNY on 3/29 and getting really excited.

Anyway, thanks for popping in. :)

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on 3/17/10 6:00 am - Blue Springs, MO
Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

I am trying really hard to be in the right mindset this time and truly change my life.

Thanks for the warm welcome,
on 3/16/10 8:04 am
Hi Heather,
My name is Cherysh and I had gastric sleeve done on march 12. I have lost 11 lbs in 4 days and get my staples out tomorrow. I am still sore also, and of course i keep getting a tickle in my throat and need to cough...ouch.

congratulations on your loss! i can't wait to share journeys with everyone!

Talk to you soon

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on 3/17/10 6:02 am - Blue Springs, MO
Congrats on your loss... that is awesome!  Just remember it probably won't always be that quick, so don't get discouraged if it slows down. :)

I know what you mean about coughing.. and sneezing... OUCH!

Looking forward to hearing more about your journey as well,
on 3/17/10 4:02 am
VSG on 03/02/10 with
Hi Heather, Congratulations on your surgery and your weight loss. I had a VGS on 3-2-10. I have only lost 3 lbs. I am starting to get discouraged, but don't want to since it has only been a little over 2 weeks. However, I lost 13 lbs on my pre-op. So, I am a total of 16 lbs down, but the 13 was of my own doings. I need to join a support group to see if anyone else has experienced this same situation. Good luck and much continued success to you. DeDe
on 3/17/10 5:59 am - Blue Springs, MO
Sorry to hear of your current struggles.  We get so used to hearing of peple dropping weight like crazy that we forget 1-2lbs per week equals 50-100lbs in a year!  Just make sure you are following your doctor's orders to a T and that weight is bound to come off eventually.  It's simple math, as they say.  Use more calories than you eat and you will lose weight.  I know slowdowns and stalls are discouraging, but eventually they break if we keep working at it.

Hoping you see the results you are looking for soon,

on 3/17/10 11:31 pm
VSG on 03/02/10 with
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I guess we are all looking for that instant gratification. Age old rule.....nothing in life is easy. I just compare myself to others who say...its only been 2 weeks since I had surgery and I'm 36 lbs. down. I have to remember that I didn't have as far to go. I am 5'9" and weighed 239. I lost 13 lbs on my own, so the water weight was gone when I went in for surgery and probably was extremely dehydrated. My skin plumped up due to all the water I've been drinking, so on the plus side.....it is almost as if I look like I've had a face lift. People have said I look so refreshed. I think it is almost like detoxing your body. I have renewed faith. I got on the scales today & I am 5 lbs down since surgery. I just came home from the hospital 2 weeks ago today. I'll take it. Better than gaining!

Have a wonderful day!

on 3/18/10 3:37 am - Blue Springs, MO
Yeah, I'm one of those "lightweights" (HA!) and started at 245 for 5'4.5.  I don't expect to drop weight like crazy, I'm just very grateful for any loss.  I was lucky that my lapband kept me at my pre-op weight, even if it didn't help me lose anymore.

Way to look for the plus sides!  You are a very beautiful woman and I can only imagine what increased skin hydration has done for you.

Keep the faith... if we stick to our programs most of the time, we should be successful!

on 3/20/10 9:58 am - New York, NY
Hi Heather,

That's great..Keep up the good work and work that sleeve.


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